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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

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As a child I was told of Nations that would imprison their journalists, jail protestors, and curtail free speech. I was told of far off dangerous lands, where people were held without cause or shot on sight where Cabal in Power kept... more

VP Candidate Alex Mendoza makes a return appearance to expand on the Socialist Party USA's platform, and plan to change America. We at the Wild Wild Left are committed to 3rd party solutions, having soundly rejected the Uniparty... more

This Friday, I have the honor of interviewing Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza, running for our highest office on the Socialist Party USA ticket. The Uniparty has failed; the bust and boom of Capitalism has broken society. Our... more

I had an interview slated for tonight, but lack of communication or confirmation has left me with naught to do, but with 2 hours to spare.... wing the show completely. Those of you who know me know how painstaking I am with notes... more

My friend, and WWL Radio twice-guest Kurt Haskell makes a return tonight to speak about his Congressional bid for Michigan's 7th District as a Democrat. Many of you remember him as a witness to the Panti-bomber incident in Detroit;... more

Much has happened since we last spoke with Noam Chomsky in April of last year! Then, we pondered the Arab Spring, and now the seeds of that revolutionary mindset has spread the the US and manifested in the Occupy Movement. The... more

Tonight I am thrilled and honored to speak with Cindy Sheehan. We will be discussing her new book, "Revolution, A Love Story" which chronicles her time spent in Venezuela, and her meetings with Hugo Chavez! She has seen first... more

Who is a threat to WHO, here? On a week when they manage to sell the taking of Woman's choices on everything from rape to reproduction, in a World where American's elected officials are now selected private industry managers, why... more

Holding out Hope still? President McHope just bent over for the Religinazis, and while thus positioned, gave a reach around to the Bankers on foreclosures while deepthroating the Super Pacs. Still think that Electoral Politics mean a damned... more

Really this time! David had to miss our interview 2 weeks ago, but is returning tonight! A blond housewife and a black lawyer walk into a bar on a belated date... who knows what will happen? Truth and laughter served up faster than a... more