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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

On-Demand Episodes

Norman G. Finkelstein is an author and lecturer living in Brooklyn. He received his doctorate in 1988 from the Department of Politics at Princeton University. For many years he taught political theory and the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is... more

A blond housewife and a black lawyer walk into a bar on MLK day... who knows what will happen? Truth and laughter served up faster than a speed-of-light beer, thats for sure! David Peery is brilliant, funny and spot-on Politically. As the... more

Tonight, Eric Knight; British citizen and regular of the Links for the Wildy Left facebook page affiliated with this show, joins me as honorary co-host to address Occupy, Class War, the Police State and the Idiocy of our mutual... more

I figured I should wrap up the year with an on the fly show - and boy do I have some "fun facts" about the not-so-fun state of our Nation to share with you. There are some hopeful portends, too. OWS has just begun. We are ramping up the... more

Continuing my ongoing series discussing the current Protests with Veterans of the 60's movement, I am happy to bring a local Detroit man to the conversation. Meet Nick Medvecky. Nick will bring a whole new layer to the discussion - for... more

When the controversy broke about then Senator Obama having known Bill Ayers, my first thought was "cool, maybe his is one of us. Since then, it is Obama that has disappointed, not Professor Ayers. My discussion with him will strive to... more

Tonight, I again have the pleasure of interviewing one of my most treasured mentors, Ward Churchill. In the 6 months since we last spoke, things have changed dramatically - Chickens are coming home to roost here in the form of... more

If the good Doctor could only see us now... the pigs have become so degenerate they refuse us the right to relieve ourselves... the pig-f@ckers try to regenerate and tell us all thanks belongs to the 1% from who all graces flow... and the pork... more

It is Veterans Day - day to honor those who have protected our Country - and those who are ABOUT to! The OWS Movement. The Battle for Democracy has begun - a new Civil War in the making is being born on our streets, our unarmed... more

The Occupation is growing; as is the resistance to the Movement. Oakland's General Strike is just the shape of things to come! There are now 7 million reasons the People will prevail - but its time to talk honestly about the obstacles,... more