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No holds barred Political commentary from the FAR Left with Diane Gee from Wildwildleft.com

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While you watched the man weeping, 21 more totally innocent children were killed by our President. While you were angry, a funeral was held for the 120th unarmed person of color to be killed by the police, Ernest Duenez Jr. While the "ban all... more

When Michigan, the very core of Union activity in the United States, gets swallowed by "Right to Work" legislation crammed through without committee or debate in a lame duck session? Greed of the few is using labor as worthless... more

Education is under fierce attack in Michigan, trying to follow the path of Privatizing everything for profit. Palestine became recognized, kinda, sorta, its a start in a vote last night at the UN. And now begins the Kabuki of the Fiscal Grift... more

Noam Chomsky tops the hour, with his thoughts.Our friend Alaa Abu Aser will be calling in live from Gaza with ground level reports thereafter. It will be 2 am in Gaza at air time.We will be presenting full, breaking coverage of Israel's... more

We Lon, we Wost! I know, I feel I'm preaching to the choir tired here. I know I am emotionally overloaded, how about you? But bear with me one more week of election-speak.We can talk about what comes next, as well.

So here we are, days away from the polls, the warning shots of Global Climate Change bringing catastrophic storms to the Eastern shores. Staten Island languished ignored, while the moneyed Burroughs got the cameras. Politicians... more

The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water in the World. Tonight, two women on the front lines protecting Michigan from the ecological disaster that is fracking join me to talk about the realities of the dangers at hand. Our own... more

The passage of the NDAA language allowing indefinite detention of any US citizen, without charge or trial, is possibly the most dangerous legislation ever passed to date. Tangerine Bolen is one of the brave seven Plaintiffs filing in... more

Julia Williams, US Congressional Candidate for Michigan District 9, joins me tonight to talk about her campaign as a Green. An RN, and longtime Green Party member and liberal activist, she is running against Sander Levin in her district.... more

Breaking news to start the hour, followed by my own Special Commentary on the Debate Debacle and the idiocy of the 2 Party Kabuki Theater, and the similarities of the Uniparty. As the Silly Season closes in, people buy the... more