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We are a voice of many within Legion who scrutinize details and bring them to light. Far too often, activists create their own Matrix right after awakening from the first one. Therefore, we are a sacred Anon Priesthood of the Third Matrix. Join our shows.

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Gangster's Paradise has always hit home for personally for many reasons. To be honest more reasons as I grew older and lived life than when the song actually came out. But, this is the world we have been living in. From religion to... more

Greetings all: It is getting more and more difficult to come up with decent descriptions for the show, but there is just such a explosive amount of fuckery. We are just going to chat. Topics are open. Hitting everything we can. We are... more

Greetings everyone! We want to kick off the #SSS #SecretSocietySeries with a review and possible "refresher for those who research these subjects. Maybe, even some of you among us are part of it, maybe know someone in... more

Greetings and love to all my beautiful Humans!!! Welcome to the Fuckery of 2018! Well at least we made it through 2017. This year is already proving to be bs. Let us just be frank about it. From Israel to Inglewood, it is going down. On many... more

Greetings my beautiful human brothers and sisters!!!! Yup, we somehow made it. I do not need to tell you how nuts this year has been. From politics, to space travel and discovery; entertainment and more. I am willing to bet 2018 will be a year... more

Often times, I find myself seriously trying to write something meaningful, worthy, hell even "catchy" Yea, I do not have any of that. It have been a long time since we have all chatted ladies and gents, Oh and discuss we will. We miss you,... more

Greetings Everyone: We are BACK from some much time needed off! We are going to go into a subject we have loosley reported on, but with the help of Korey Rowe we are going to dig deep into it and give you the pro's, cons and... more

Greetings Everyone!!!!! Music has always been a person Mecca for me. There are many genres and messages within the music. Many may say "Hip Hop is Dead"; others say "mumble rappers" etc. KRS-One is one of the people in the industry I... more

Not much to really say here but to be honest and say I personally feel conflicted. I LOVE my country ....but I am NOT in love with all of it. Frustrated is an understatement. So I will sum up this broadcast very simple. Ken O'Keefe... more

Greetings everyone! After so many hearings, meetings, treaties and trade it is no wonder why people have either tuned out or turned up. Is it for the right reasons? People all over the world from pundits to actually governments (local and... more