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We are a voice of many within Legion who scrutinize details and bring them to light. Far too often, activists create their own Matrix right after awakening from the first one. Therefore, we are a sacred Anon Priesthood of the Third Matrix. Join our shows.

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Greetings All: We have talked about this special for awhile now. It is finally here. But we did not want to start with the "usual suspects" per say. APRIL 3, 2017 7PM Central (USA Time Zone) This episode there is not going to be much... more

Greetings my beautiful human beings!!!!: So thanks to #TownHalls and other events, we have sat back and observed all that is going on. This is getting rich people. I can sit here and go point for point of things I have seen but we will... more

Greetings all: ....Just I irritated ...but what about?...and then they said this... n then this...but he is doing this...but they are doing this or not....geez...Yes ladies and gents we are at the crossroads. Not because of nature history but fulfillment of... more

Well ladies & gents, this may be a bumpy ride for some. Due to recent events we believe here at ATG you all need a little "reminder" of somethings. Gloves Off!!! President Trump signed SEVERAL different items as Executive Order &... more

Greetings everyone! We now have our 45th President official sworn in. President Donald J Trump and Vice President Pence has hit the ground running the first day in office. Kicking the teeth of the Elites. Seems he is making good on his... more

Welcome all my brothers & sisters! We are now into the year of 2017!!! What level of #Fuckery are we going to see and allow in this year. People i cannot stress that the current issues in the world are being sidelined, covered up,... more

Well ladies and gents, we have made it through the year 2016. So much has happened and will continue to until we stand. simple. From the blunders of the Presidential Campaign Circus of 2016, to following the money all the way to... more

Well its that time!!!! Election Day!....hmmm I wonder how this is going to play out....will something "interfere" with the Election counts? Will there be civil unrest regardless of how it ends? Either way we know the 2016 Presidential Circus has... more

Greetings all! We this evening are going to open up the phone lines and we want to hear from YOU! What topics would you like to discuss and get to people? Whats bugging you? Rants? Doesn't matter. We want to hear what is priority on... more

Greeting all! This debater session was VERY VERY interesting. So interesting ~S~ & ~X~ are here to give you our thoughts and review on this debate! So TUNE IN TONIGHT 10pm Central (USA Time Zone) right here on the... more