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We are a voice of many within Legion who scrutinize details and bring them to light. Far too often, activists create their own Matrix right after awakening from the first one. Therefore, we are a sacred Anon Priesthood of the Third Matrix. Join our shows.

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Not much to say here... We can chat on air :) Feel AMAZING to be back in the saddle! Time to detach is always key. Now, back to the grind. Join us June 19th, 2018 8:30PM Central (USA Time Zone) right here on... more

Greetings: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has just got it's hands on a very interesting new jewel in the territory of Azerbaijan. this little place is packed with a lot of influence and holds many seats on the International stage. If... more

Greetings: The world is filled with so many things we need to know, it becomes irritating to say the least when you are trying to live righteously, wake people up and/or keep them awake by nothing more than facts. Then we have to deal with... more

Greetings All: Here is a Special Report from a awesome, fact driven camp called HedgeHog on YouTube. This really gets into how "Big Brother & Sis" are all up in your every minute to minute lives. a lot of it has to do of what we GIVE them out... more

Greetings: We have engaged in on hell of a mess. Seems like our Jesuit trained Puppet-N-Chief is following the orders of his Black Pope leader & Pope Jorge to make for those loans as he sits at his bully pulpit. FOX decided to let you... more

Greetings All: Looks like Washington Dc is sure letting the Wheel of Fuckery spin at an all time high hey? Rod Rosenstein lil toosies sure are feeling a little bit warm as the committees are getting ever more pissed about the thousands of... more

Greetings!!! Hope everyone had a fun and reflective holiday. Taking time to refuel :) Due to RUDE and unexpected early termination of a well prepared 2 hour show that got cut down to a 15 minute commercial. We are resuming business... more

MIGHTY greetings! You Amazing humans! Welcome to this ORIGINAL HIP SHOW. RAVISHING headlines, filled EXTRA drama and SUSPENSE!! **Dramatic Music** No. Actually, you are going to come and get the damn facts. You are... more

No lie, this is a topic I personally avoid like the plague for several reasons. One it is almost like religion and politics, something your mom tells you to be careful who you speak on it and who you speak it too. But, recently i stumbled about this... more

Being an awakened soul and covering all the fuckery this world seems to bring, I have to sit back in serious awe at the many different ways we as humans are in fact under attack. We have AI taking over, Monsanto/Beyer messing with... more