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The government is lying. The media is filtered and controlled like China. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is happening, but mainstream media isn't talking about the treason, the events and lies of 911, or prosecuting the criminals that are tanking America via economic terrorism. I am my own media. I am rising up against evildoers and doing what I can and tonight I am bringing breaking news you likely haven't heard yet. I am going to discuss amongst other things Sibel Edmonds, former FBI Agent and translator and the dirt she has on Congressional Members and high ranking Yes Men. I demand treason charges against these criminals and asset seizure. The word is going to get out, and I hope to send these enemies of America scurrying like rats before they tank the ship and destroy Constitutional Rights and my sovereign rights as an individual, destroy the economy and make people slaves as povery and crime sinks in as a result of these evildoers. Call in. Let's talk about it. Who polices the police? Who prosecutes the prosecutors? Who judges the judges? We the people! "They" aren't.