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I will seek the truth, whether or not it hurts. I will beg to differ and bring the alternative with me. I will leave the mainstream for the fools. I hope to debate and arrive at the truth and hope someone can prove me wrong. But I will bring all I got and what I know and what I believe to be true. I will learn if I am wrong.

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Frankly I'm tired of being lied to and being used as a corporate endentured servitude, under the Corporation of the USA. What's in the water supply?

The government is lying. The media is filtered and controlled like China. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is happening, but mainstream media isn't talking about the treason, the events and lies of 911, or prosecuting the criminals... more

Come find out how evil people are in that they would allow corporate governance over the food you eat. Find out the corporate structure of those that treat humanity like a herd. The topic is deep; my point is to educate people on the evilness of... more

We cannot rid ourselves of this treasonous news media until we take it back, so I'll fill the slot. We'll analyze the past decade and arrive at what obviously isn't working, and that would include that get their information from TV. Me Me Me... more

When the going get tough, the tough get going. That may sound cliche, but it is so true. Ever wondered why life is happening the way that it is, be it economically, socially, politically, or culturally? Could it be that strings are attached to the... more

The economy isn't coming back despite the lies of the media. Freedom is on the other side, exploitation is the here and now. Taxation is the interim, as is insolvency of the United States of America

Control freaks are just that. We must bitchslap the control from them and make them realize they are not in control, that they simply have a complex. We must talk about what is wrong, bring awareness, uphold the Constitution, or we... more

Woodman brings to you the introduction of James - I being West Coast - James being East Coast. We are bringing a different and fresh perspective, James is bringing color. This is not your typical left right paradigm, this is the truth and... more

knock my show off the air before i get going if you can ...i am trying to start a legit station, and got 5 min to set up this sht

Consider this Beta mode on show # 1 (numero uno). This will be a dry run to check out this medium. I will not promise anything spectacular, although I will promise this to be better than FOX. You bet your ass.
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