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Rights Responsibilities &Religion...What about that Respect?

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We are suppose to live in a nation that uplholds liberty, justice, and equality for all. Lately, it would appear as if the rights of some supercede the rights of others. Christians are crying out for their religious rights and freedoms which always, up until now, were respected and valued. Now with the rise of mockers, scoffers, and people determined to fight for Freedom FROM Religion, vs Freedom OF Religion.  Athiests, who claim they have NO belief or religion, fall into the category of belief even though it is a LACK of knowledge and courage to say "wedon't know, we have no proof to know for sur,e they get mad and want to continue in their sin- so they take their anger and rejection and emotions out on Christians because we believe in God.

The rights of every person, is that they can be free to choose what to believe, what to think, what to feel, what to do- provided that their rights do not infringe on anothers! Tell me mr and mrs Athiest, How does your choice to not believe in God, give you thr right to take away MY right to believe in Him? To have it removed from history and school from my children- saying what about your children? Well, If you do not believe there is a God then why does it bother you to hear about Him? I do not see Athiests pissed off about Santa Clause. He is a sham and a blatant lie. How about the easter bunny? You know full well, that the bunny did not pay for those chocolates you decietfullly hide for your poor misinformed children. I guess you really do have a belief. I guess even your children do. But have I ever taken that right away from your child or you? no. We have carried on in peace for severa years. But now, we find ourselves in the Later Days propheied in the Holy Bible, better known as "the end." The Lord said these things would happen as a sign of the times and his second coming!

Let's discuss shall we #RESPECT #LOVE #FAMILY