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The Enigmatic Serapeum Drilling Down No Bull...

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The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight


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Tonight we continue in our series of contemporary reviews of ancient terrestrial Monuments, Arcologies and Anomalies… in Egypt. 

A recurring common denominator is their highly evolved design, frighteningly precise realisation - apparently conveying detailed intent, that shows understanding far beyond that which Mainstream Archeologists give their supposed creators credit for. 

We unfortunately now live in a time when ‘digital history’ is being changed before our very eyes, unless we take sufficient time to understand the true importance of these enigmatic heirlooms today - and pass this on to future generations - there is a very real danger this knowledge may be lost once more to the sands of time. 

I am delighted to be joined by internet and real life explorer Ben Vankerkwyk, who has very diligently put together and broadcast a wide range of informative documentaries based on first-hand visits, which continue to grow in popularity on his YouTube channel, UncharteredX. One of Ben’s favorite sites is the enigmatic Serapeum at Saqqara. We Drill Down through the Bull to reveal more enlightenment than is found in most mainstream archeology text books…