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    11222015 Overcoming the powerful pull of Egypt.

    in Religion

    Join Bro. J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM(EST) as he preaches a message titled, " Overcoming the powerful pull of Egypt. In scripture Egypt from it's first mention in Genesis has been mentioned many times in negative context. John wrote in Revelation that Spiritual Egypt was also called sodom and that was where the Lord was crucified. Revelation 11:8(NKJV) And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. The Children of Israel, though in bondage in Egypt, in the moment of difficult times and situations hearts were drawn back to Egypt. It was and is a place of spiritual bondage and so many of us look back, or wander back into bondage when we lose sight of the importance of a right relationship with God.

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    The 5th anniversary of Egypt/Arab Spring uprising; Psalm 139

    in Islam

    What do individual citizens have to look forward to with life under President Sisi in Egypt?  House raids, unexplained arrests, guilt by association.  Getting rid of Mubarak may have seemed like an emotional solution but now the state has cracked down into a frame of mind where expression is taboo.  Jane and Jon will highlight major changes in Egypt the last few years and also explain what betrayal feels like to them in their own life.

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    Gods And Goddesses Of Ancient Egypt (KMT)

    in Religion

    Team Osiris explains the various divinities of Ancient Kemet.



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    Ancient Egypt Versus The God Concept

    in Higher Education

    Team Osiris explores the ancient text of Africa and their ideas about creation and divinities.

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    Prof. Walter Williams speaks on: "DISPELLING THE MYTHS OF ANCIENT EGYPT"

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    Sierra Neblina, Dr Erin Nell and tour folks -review the Sacred Egypt Tour 2015

    in Spirituality

    Join us on A Galactic Perspective With Sierra Neblina, Dr Erin Nell and all the wonderful participants of our  Sacred Journey Tour Egypt 2015!  

    Please join us as we take a tour down memory lane with our wonderful tour participants from our recent Egypt tour. Hear how they experienced this once in a lifeltime trip and how they are now integrating what they got into thier daily lives.

    Be sure to call in during the live shows at 646-478-3085  with your questions or you can listen to our archives. Click 'Follow' to receive reminders about upcoming broadcasts and reminders for GalacticU Radio Network.

    Also, explore spiritual Ascension and your own Galactic nature this next year on GalacticU's Sacred Journey Tours- Egypt 2016







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    Governor of Luxor, Egypt

    in Travel

    Mr. Tarek Saad El Din, Governor of Luxor, Egypt, addresses the safety concerns of traveling to Egypt and why travelers should not worry about visiting the country. He explains that the media has only focused on one square meter where there is conflict and all surrounding areas are safe.

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    Travel Today - Cairo Egypt

    in Travel

    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg from Cairo, Egypt. We’ve been broadcasting at least once every year from Egypt since 1998. Tourism numbers are down drastically in Egypt, but, as a veteran traveler to the region, Peter argues that this is perhaps the best time to go! You’ll find hardly anyone at the pyramids, and while more than 300 boats usually travel down the Nile in Luxor, this year only about six are operating. Joining Peter will be John Boulding, CEO of Insight Vacations to discuss why his boat, the Tosca, is running—as business is slowly starting to improve.

    A few ambassadors also stop by to give their situation report on Cairo and the rest of the country. Then, we go on a quick detour to visit celebrity Chef John Besh to talk about another city that knows all too well about recovery: New Orleans (especially as we near the tenth anniversary of Katrina). All of this and more during this week’s episode of Travel Today with Peter Greenberg from Cairo, Egypt.

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    Out of Egypt But Egypt Is Not Out Of Me Part 2

    in Podcasting

    Join Regina Johnson as she talks on the topic Out of Egypt But Egypt Is Not Out Of Me Part 2 

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    Amalek and Egypt

    in Judaism

     On today's broadcast, I discuss what Amalek and Egypt each represent. Egypt represents the place where the Jews were enslaved. The Torah commands Bnai Yisrael not to return to Egypt. I discuss the implications of this mitzvah, as well as the mitzvah to remember Amalek and to destroy its memory. Tune in and listen.

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          We are again going back to EGYPT to learn our True Identity of being Gods and Goddesses. THOTH welcomes our Sister Opulence Ra-NTR and a few other invited Guests to continue the topic of Race, Religion and Identity. Today we will continue to explore history including but not limited to Egypt, Africa, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Germany, Poland, France and others. Is there a such thing as Color, Race, if not then why did Europeans Kharzarians imitating the Israelites, Jew change the color, race and Identity of those chosen people to a complexion of White skin. Who were the Egyptian Gods, what are the recent sleu of Motion Pictures (Movies) such as Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Gods of Egypt, Exodus, The Wizard of Oz, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Batman, The Dark Knight Rises depicting to the Country. Is Israel experiencing a Right of Return of the original Hebrew Israelites, referred to as Black People.

            Is the Popes visit and numerous compitulations to slavery, crimes against Humanity, Muslims and Indegenous People an example of the future and Fourth Dimension. Was the removal of the Statute of Liberty ordered by President Obama in 2013 and his recent celebration December 8th of the 13th Amendment, End of Slavery a indication and End of US occupation of America and the opening of the Borders to allow all Indegenous Peoples to return such as Mexicans (Mixicans), Spanish, Cubans and Middle Eastern (Muslims)? We'll discuss these interesting questions, revelations on Black & White Friday on THOR Radio. This show is for all Nationalities, Cultures to learn the true history of Self.

           JOIN our panel of Historians to explore significant Facts regarding the past and future.