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Trayvon Martin Verdict - Surprised?

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 Surprised about the verdict? Let's talk real talk!  How much of this did black foke bring on ourselves? What role do we poor discriminated against, church goin' people play in this scenerio? When we promote brag and demonstrate that we are money hungry thugs, bitches, druggies, ho's who cherish whips(cars), bling, twerkin, metal teeth, saggin' pants, degrading music, reality shows with black women acting a fool as well as judge shows what do you expect? Oh you then want to be respected as human beings? When our families allow our children to listen to this poison on their headsets when they are in our presence at home or in our cars as long as we can't hear it is sickening. Isn't it reasonable for others to look at us the way we portray ourselves when using our freedom of speech?  What happened to Trayvon was out right wrong and intolerable but we don't come to the court with clean handsHe got caught up in our mess and there will always be casualties when people act ignorantly and seldom are the ones who do the dirt the only ones to pay. If Zimmerman doesn't believe the images our young males and females portray over & over on the streets, at home, in school, on  tracks, films, videos, Facebook pages & Twitter, Trayvon goes home, watches the All-star game & goes to school the next day.  Do you Remember Mike Vick fought multiple and involved in killing dogs and the justice system gave him 2 years in prison, Plaxico Buress shot himself and received 2 years in prison from the justice system. Trayvon is walking home from the store minding his own business and is shot and killed in his temporary neighborhood by a grown man and he is blamed for his own murder. Somebody caused it and if Zimmerman isn't guilty of causing this teenager to be dead with a bullet hole in his chest it only leaves Trayvon to be guilty of being a scary black teenager. Like a famous man once said, "ONLY IN AMERICA!"