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Focusing on the UPSIDE to life's challenges! We all deal with issues, rather if it's lifestyle choices, career struggles, family, friends or just the dating scene; things can bring you down! But there is an UPSIDE to everything and we are the bus to that road! Join me Monday nights as I tackle everyday topics from a realistic view and show how to go from unhealthy living to healthy living!!!

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What does being in a relationship mean? Does having sex with a person ensure that you are in a relationship with them? Is there a misconception that sex = relationship? Are is this just sex! This one is for the ladies... increase self-worth... more

Most of our days are spent in the office. There we have deadlines, customers or clients, bosses, and hard to deal with co-workers. In between the staff meetings and the back-biting for attention and team lead, there can be peace. I... more

With today's economy in the toilet, there are a lot of people dealing with depression. The mixed feelings, mood swings, the fine one-minute and the next pulling your hair out... it can take pile stress and frustration on the sanest... more
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