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The Reflection Pool

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Hey, Dude, can you help me tape some of these boxes for your b*tch Nazi Pelosi? Oh, sorry, Mr. illegal president...no disrespect...I'll re-phrase: Mr. Teleprompter-in-Thief, Barry Hussein Soetoro: can you help me with these boxes for the outgoing loser, Nazi Pelosi? Story at 5! As long as we are talking about boxes and such, a piece of advice for all listeners with friends from Yemen, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuala, Iran, Afghanistan, and Iraq: tell your friends to go ahead and hold off on sending you Christmas presents for the next several years...Another day, another Obamaism: the first report of a statement being made in regard to today's bomb threat by a US President (legal or illegal) is for a statement to be released by President Clinton...who exactly is running this country? Consensus expectations for the end of progressivism in America on Tuesday, November 2: Republican pickups in the Senate = 8; Pickups in the Congress = 62!!! Weekend college football prediction for the game of the week: a very close game for Oregon at USC. Final score: USC 24, Oregon 44. If Thomas or James are not injured, revised prediction is still pretty close: USC 31, Oregon 84. World Series tied by end of the weekend. Much, much more...