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The Reflection Pool


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This show provides stories and commentary from the most powerful individual newsfeed in the world. Recurring Show Themes include: The Perils of Taking Capitalism for Granted; Government Health Bureaucrat Care Bill of 2009; The Media-Government Complex Controls Your Life: What are you doing about it?; America Under Attack from an illegal president: We Must Impeach; Leadership Failure in America: The Death of a Country; Some Love and TV Talk for Comedy Relief. Bring your A Game.

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Civilized People Rid of This: Operation World Shantytown is being extricated from the Communist People's City of Portland this weekend!!! What about your town?

I Kinda Hope Disgrace Hussein Soetoro continues to hold onto his boy Eric Holder. The longer he does this, the more his flagging credibility as Teleprompter-in-Thief will suffer...Barry, you suck!

What to talk about? Hmmmm...why not the Commu-tard Occu-poopers? Woo-hoo!!!

Won't it be nice when illegal president Disgrace Hussein Soetoro is relegated to talk shows as a laughingstock for his horrendous performance in DC??? The comforting thought of the day...ahhh...

Breaking News: Disgrace Hussein Soetoro screwed something else up today! What is it? Tune in and find out...it might be happening as we speak!

The crowning achievement for the Imam-in-Thief, Disgrace Hussein Soetoro: a sharia state in Libya!!! Outstanding work, Barry!

Another day, more Muslims killed at the hands of Disgrace Hussein Soetoro---but, Wall Street is even worse! Just ask the Commu-tard occu-poopers!

The Two Day Deludinoid Series Begins today with a Reflection Pool exclusive! Joe Biden commits rape to underscore his warning that another cop better NEVER lose his or her job ever again!!! Tomorrow: Harry Reid talks the... more

Republican Debate #8: The Sixth in a Row that I haven't watched...I might start watching when I've gotten to see a couple of concession speeches...Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson---are you hearing me?

Breaking News: Disgrace Hussein Soetoro's teleprompter is stolen! He'll be keeping it on the burka bus from now on---in fact, he'll be sleeping with it...move over, Michelle...