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The Reflection Pool

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Who's Attacking the Tea Party Today? What name are we being called today? It can't get much worse than yesterday. (I've been called a dookiehead once or twice in my life, but never just a pile of dookie...) What's the worst thing you've been called, Barry Soetoro? Teleprompter-in-Thief? Socialist? Usurper-in-Thief? Mulatto? Whatever the case, is the illegal position that is your presidency a widely known fact in DC? If so, when is the city-wide perp walk scheduled for DC? OK, I'll stop...just kind of making sure we still live in a nation of laws...we do, right? The Constitution of the USA still matters, right? A Version of a Contract from America must be developed by the Tea Party...and it must be powerful enough to stop the present "out of control trainwreck better known as the Obamageddon Express" in its tracks. Otherwise, we'll spend decades turning back his horrendous agenda...we won't have time...we'll be bankrupt first...Pretty Wild is horribly exploitative...if the one daughter wants to be naked on TV, get real...there are better places to do this than on E!...much, much more...