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Close your eyes and picture an adult.I picture Ms.Johnson my third grade teacher. Its nice to picture her,but why did I have to go so far back to envision a model of adulthood? Simple, we're defintely arent seeing much of it in todays pop-culture community. It seems we are living in a world ruled by KIDULT. You have 28yr old Katy Perry,whos obessed with nail art,sings about getting drunk and posting silly pictures.So many adults are reading Adult Young Fiction. St. Martins Press is launching a new genre of book-NEW ADULT.Itll appeal to the legions of 20 to 30 something YA fans, these books include real sex,but the plots are just as simple as YA ones. Adulthood used to be simple.You finished school,got married,started a family, moved to the burbs and bam, u were an adult! If your a young woman today your mother would have likely had all the things mentioned by your age.The fact is WE are just waiting longer.The average first time marriages for American women is 27, ten yrs ago it was 25.In 2011 the average age of first time home buyer was an elderly(lol)34,in 1960s it was 23!So at that age great aunt Judy was picking out tiles,you're likely slamming shots and fighting with your roommate over dirty dishes.Dont be fooled the slipperness of modern adulthood can be detrimental if you let the adolescent mind-set linger too long.Theres a lot to be done between 20 and 40. Not everyone wants the same things,but youd better get on achieving what you think will make you happy. Look to Mindy Kaling creator of The Mindy Project for inspiration whos character is a successful ob/gyn who has Hunger Games-themed checks and eats cereal out of wine glasses.Shes an example of a kidlike adult whos making it work,on her show and in real life.dont think of the transition yrs as thrownaways,start making goals. You dont have to be fully there to be grown-up, you just have to live your life in an intentional way.And you Can do it while devouring YA novels and listening to Katy Perry.