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False evidence of appearing real.FEAR:(N)An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.(V) Be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening: "farmers fear that they will lose business".What are you afraid of?? Most of the time we fear the worst to find out that"it wasnt what i thought". Fear some people are afraid of the simplest things. Kids are sometimes afraid to ask their parents because their afraid the parents will say no. NO thats such a power word to envoke that type of fear in a person. Some fear doctors, or tests results from the doctors office.over 100 phobias and therapists to help a person "overcome", overcome what?!, an imaginery situation that you anticpate happening. Notice i said the word imaginery. Thats what it is False Evidence Appearing Real! Your afraid of something that never even happened!! So what if  your biggest fear became reality. You cant stop the inevitable!!! FEAR will not change your outcome of the situation. everyone has a fear but when it consumes your life thats when it becomes a problem. The only way to overcome something is to face it! you have to face the fear.If you are afraid of dogs you have to face it by taking steps that will help relieve your fear. Allowing something that doesnt exist control your life is a destructive behavior. You are allowing something that is not real prevent you from enjoying your life. In no way making light of this situation or down playing it. Fear can become a giant if you allow it! Whatever you are afraid of started off as a small thought now its a huge dream. I have and have had fears myself. I still carry a fear of germs i keep socks,gloves and hand sanitizer with me. Germs really,really creep me out!lol. Germs do not prevent me from enjoying my life. Dont allow fear to control the 1 thing you have control over, YOUR LIFE!!