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2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 8 - Chain Reaction

  • Broadcast in Entertainment



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For the 8th game of the tournament we are playing the classic 70's and 80's game, Chain Reaction, a game true to my heart. Here is how we play it here.... Two players will try to complete 7 word chains, with the first and last words, and the players will fill in the remaining 5. Now, the remaining WORDS do not necessarily have to be single words (eg : the clue could be NEW YORK). now, one of the five missing WORDS, will be a DOUBLE WORD, worth double points. The player can add a letter above the bottom finished clue, or below the top finished clue. Then they must guess the WORD, each word is worth 50 points. In Round 2, each word is worth 100 points.  And if needed, Round 3, each word is worth 200 points. 500 points wins the game, and plays the BONUS CHAIN for $ 20,000. The winner will earn $ 20 a point, loser will earn $ 10 a point.  BONUS ROUND: The player will play one more chain, giving them the first word, and the first letter of the remaining 6 words. Now, the player will have SPARE LETTERS, equal to the number of words they have scored in the main game, plus one more for winning the match. They will give a guess for each word starting with Word #2. Each wrong guess will fill in a letter on that word (it may lead to completion of the word). If the player can finish the chain before running out the letters, the player wins $ 20,000...if not, the player will earn $ 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 5000 for each word you complete. Also, if you finish the chain, you will earn $ 2500 for each spare letter you have left (Up to a max of $ 20,000 more).