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    The brain's sexual orientation & examination; Review of "The Invisible War"

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    By Ed Raymond: synpopsis

    When 1976 Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, a real hunk of a muscular man, came out 39 years later with the statement “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman” in a rather spectacular TV interview, he also emphasized the mysteries of the brain. Jenner admitted that his brain is more female than it is male.  Why? Is it because of a wound? Is Satan playing games? Is it because of messed-up neurons and bad electrical connections? We don’t have a clue—yet. He was just a very young boy when he discovered he was more comfortable in his mother’s and sister’s dresses. Jenner says: “It just made me feel good.” He actually began transgender reassignment therapy in the 1980’s which included hormones, nose surgery, and hair removal. He then changed his mind.
       We are just beginning to solve the great mysteries of the brain. It’s a very complex maze. There are 20,000 to 25,000 genes in the human genome and about half of them work in our brain “system,” whatever that is. Our famous upright ancestor Lucy of about 3.2 million years ago had a brain of 600 cubic centimeters. The next “human” (Homo Habilis) had 900 cubic centimeters to work with. Our current brother Homo Sapiens has a magnificent 1,400 cubic centimeters in order to tangle with the universe. The brain seems to be a very flexible conglomeration of electrical switches and breakers. Our billions of brain cells somehow communicate with all parts of the body, if things are working right,

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    It's Almost the 12th Hour! 6 Days Til Avengers 2-Check Out Afronerd Radio @6pm

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    For the sake of brevity, let's just get into it shall we?  Join the "Uncanny" Daryll B., Dburt and Capt, Kirk for another raucous episode of The Grindhouse (Comic Shoppe segment at 6pm, Afronerd Radio at 7pm) courtesy of the Afronerd Radio machine.  For the 6pm Comic Shoppe segment, the the pop culture puzzles slated to be deciphered are: our thoughts of a classic X-man "coming out" in the latest All New X-Men comic; Jared Leto tweets out a pic of his interpretation of the Joker; Native American actors walk out during the filming of a new Adam Sandler Netflix project over charges of racism; Dr. Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch might appear in Netflix's upcoming Iron Fist; a New Republic piece ponders why Batman outpaces Superman in American popularity; Franz Drameh (Attack the Block) joins the Arrow/Flash spinoff as of yet unknown character. Lastly, Daredevil's Drew Goddard reportedly wants to bring the Savage Land to the MCU.

    At 7pm, join Capt. Kirk and Dburt for the latest edition of Afronerd Radio.  The issues to be cooked on the barbecue grill this week are: legendary jazz trumpeter, Hugh Masekela refuses to take photos with weave wearers; comedian, Chris Rock laments the decline of Black players in MLB; White teachers spark controversy by holding up "Black Lives Matter" signs in St. Louis; decathlon legend, Bruce Jenner proclaims his transgender status to the world; Dr. Cornel West responds to former colleague, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson via facebook (and public intellectual rap battles are not ahistorical) and lastly, Creflo Dollar channels Leslie Gore by affirming that "he can have plane if he wants to" ( yawn).  Call live at 646-915-9620.  

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 10 - Family Feud

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    We end the 2012 Game Show Decathlon preliminaries with Family Feud.  But we are playing it a little different than on the game show...here is how the radio program works. Two players will face head ot head. I will give you the questions and how many answers make the survey. The players will then bid on how many of the answers on the survey, the player who bids on the most answers, will be the player in control. The player will then have 7 seconds to give me an answer on the survey. Each answer they give that is not on the survey is a STRIKE, and 3 strikes gives control over to the other player, who will be given 1 chance to steal the points in the pot. Now, in future rounds, the player trailing in points will start the bidding.  Rounds 1 and 2, point values are SINGLE, round 3 are DOUBLED, and round 4 are TRIPLED. The player with the most points after 4 rounds, is the winner and goes into Fast Money. Fast Money: The winner will play fast money, by giving 2 answers for each of the 5 questions in a 60 second time limit. Then we will score ALL 10 answers, for each point, the winner will earn $ 50. If the total for the 10 answers reaches 200 points, $ 20,000 is won. However, if the total for the 10 answers is 250 or more, then $ 40,000 is awarded.

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 5 - Break The Bank (70's)

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    The 5th game of the 2012 Decathlon, will be another classic 70's game show, Break The Bank.  This version is played similiar to the game show.  20 squares (5 rows of 4),, hidden in there are dollar amounts, money bags, wild card and blanks.  The dollar amounts (3 of them for each dollar amount), are connected either horizonally or vertically.  The 5 money bags, the 5 blacks are randomly placed on the board.  A player choose a number, and if it is a dollar amount, they must answer a TRUE/FALSE question to control the square.  If they find a money bag, they can take it, but then turn goes to opponent.  To win the game, a player must control all 3 of the same dollar amounts, or hold 3 money bags.  Now with the wild card, they can use that as a filler to a dollar mount or money bag to win the game. In the bonus round, they will be 7 pairs of dollar amounts, 3 money bags, and 3 blanks.  The player will keep picking numbers until they reveal a blank (and earn $ 0 for the bonus round), reveal a pair of same dollar amounts (the player will earn that money as bonus money) or find all 3 money bags ($ 40,000)

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 4 - Joker's Wild

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    The 4th event of the Decathlon is the great game of the 70's and 80's where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen.  Yes, we are playing the ORIGINAL Joker's Wild, made famous by Jack Berry.  Each match, the 2 pleyers will have 5 categories.  Then a deck of 25 cards will be shuffled and dealt.  Each turn, each player will choose any 3 cards to represent the slot wheels on the game.  Each category appears 4 times, and there are 5 jokers.  Once the slots are revealed, the player will choose a category and a dollar amount ($ 500 for single, $ 1000 for doubles, $ 2000 for triples).  Then the question will be asked and the player will have 8 second to answer (the player will have 1 chance to hear the question again, but then will only have 5 seconds to answer).  If right, they earn the money, if wrong or time runs out, the opponent can take the question and the money.  If a pleyer spins 3 jokers, then the player can answer 1 question from any category.  Get it right, they earn $ 5000 and win the game automatically.  First to $ 5000 after both players have played the same amount of turns, wins.  If there is a tie, we keep playing until there is a winner.  The winner will play, face the devil.  This time the 25 catrds will contain 4 of dollar amount ranging from $ 100 to $ 1000 and 1 Devil.  The plyers will choose 3 numbers each turn, to earn as much money as possible.  if all 3 are dollar amounts, they are added to the pot, and the player has a decision to go on, risk losing the money, or go on and earn more.  If a player makes it to $ 10,000, the player will win and earn double their winnings in the bonus round.  But if a pleyer hits a natural triple (3 of the same dollar amount), the player automatically wins and wins $ 40,000.

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 1 - Rhyme & Reason

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    Welcome to the 2012 Game Show Decathlon, our 5th year of doing this summer long event.  Our first event, is a game we played on the 1st year of this tournament, Rhyme & Reason.  It is based on the 70's game show hosted by Bob Eubanks (episodes are on You Tube to view).  here is how the game is played.  A player will choose one of the 4 question envelopes, and you will get part of a rhyme, and what the players must do is think up TWO words that rhyme the last word of the opening of the rhyme.  Their first word is the PRIMARY WORD (Worth $ 1500), and the second word the BOTTOM WORD (worth $ 1000).  Plyaers can choose words used by opponents, but they will be screened so they won';t know they did.  Then each player will choose one celebrity (of the 6) to hopefully match their word.  If both words match, they earn $ 2500 if it takes 2 celebrities, or $ 2000 if it takes 3 celebrities.  This happens for the first two rounds.  Then the final round, they will choose one rhyme, and then each player chooses a celebrity.  If the player matches the word from the celebrity they earn $ 10,000 but if it matches an opponents one, then they earn $ 5000.  The player with the most money after 3 rounds , wins and plays the bonus round.
    Bonus Round: The player will play the final rhyme not picked, and will be given 10 words that could have been picked by the celebrities (the 6 words the celebrities thought up and 4 dud words).  the player will choose any 3 words that they think will match the celebrity.  Then will choose a celebrity one at a time, hoping to match all 3 words.  If the player matches all 3 words with 3 celebrities, they win $ 40000, if it takes 4, $ 30000, 5 will net $ 25000, and using all 6 will win $ 20000.  Match 2 of the 3 words will earn $ 7500, while matching 1 will earn $ 2500.

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 2 - Celebrity Sweepstakes

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    This is game 2 of the qualifying games for the 2012 Game Show Decathlon and it is another classic 70's game show.  Celebrity Sweepstakes.  Here is how the game works, the players start with $ 1000, and will have 4 changes to win more.  Each player will choose a category and a question is asked to our 6 celebrities.  They will then write down their answers, and our audience of 334 people will vote on who they think will get the answer right.  The odds for the celebrities will range from 1:1 (favorite) to 5:1 (long shot).  Then the players will place a wager on the celebrity they think has given the right answer (there is always a guarantee that at least one of the celebrities has the right answer).  If they guess the celebrity right, they win their wager times the odds the audience gave the celebrity, and will lose their wager from their score.  The final question will double the odds, and have the option to go for the Super Long Shot, in which they think NONE of the six celebrities will give a right answer for 25:1 payout.  And for the final question, they can bet any or all of their winnings.  The player with the most money wins, an plays the bonus round.  The celebrites will be asked 3 questions.  The first question at least 3 of them got it right, 2nd question at least 2 got it right, and the final question at least 1 of them got it right.  For each one the player guesses the celebritiy with the right answer will win bonus money, in which getting all 3 right will win an extra $ 40,000.

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    Game Show Tonite - Episode 79 - 2012 Game Show Decathlon

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    Tonight on Game Show Tonite, we will talk about the 5th edition of the Game Show Decathlon.  We will talk about the games to be played, and how the tournament will be run.  Plus the news of the week and the reality show wrap up.

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    Game Show Decathlon - Event 1 - Family Feud

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    We continue Round 1 of the Game Show Decathlon, we have 2 maybe 3 matches to play......so let's see who takes the lead in the tournament at 10pm tonite.

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    Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien Discusses His Book

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien. He will discuss his book.


    Daniel Dion "Dan" O'Brien (born July 18, 1966) is an American athlete. A decathlete, his 1990s achievements in the decathlon included the winning of an Olympic gold medal in 1996, and, previous to that, three consecutive titles at the World Championships in Athletics.

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    2012 Game Show Decathlon - Event 9 - Lingo

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    We are playing the game that is fun to play.  Lingo, the game of words.  Here it is played in the tournament.  There are 5 letter words.  Players are given the first letter, and then player must say AND spell the word.  Then they will be told which letters are in the right spots, and which letters are in the words but not in the spot they have them in.  They will have 7 secones to give the words and will be given 5 chances to guess the word.   If the player gives an illegal word, run outso chances or takes too long to give a word, play passes to the opponent, and is given a letter in the word (but will not be given the last letter).  Each right word earns $ 125 and 2 picks of the balls.  This time, you do not have to make a LINGO, you have to SPELL lingo.  Each player is given the L, and the balls in the hopper will contain 1 or 2 letters in the word LINGO, but there are also 3 red balls.  Pick a red ball, and play passes to opponent.  Spell LINGO and win $ 500, but then play passes over to opponents and they start over with the L in Lingo lit.  In the 2nd round, we add 4 question mark balls, which can add  1 or 2 letters to LINGO.  And in round 2, each word is worth $ 250 and a Lingo is $ 1000.  The player with the most money at the end of the game wins and plays Bonus Lingo.  Bonus Lingo - The player will try to answer10 words in 2 minutes.  Players are given 2 letters in the word.  Each word gives a pick of a bonus lingo ball and earns $ 500.  After the 2 minutes, player will pick the bonus lingo balls, which now contain 1, 2 or 3 letters, and 1 of the balls contain the word LINGO, aka instant win.  If the player can spell Lingo, they win $ 20,000, but wins $ 40,000 if they do it in 1 pick.