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Game Show Tonite (normally on Tuesdays) is a discussion on current issues of game shows, and competitive reality shows. The Gaming Zone (normally On Thursdays), will be a time to play radio versions of some of your favorite game shows, and new ones that we think up. Hope you will enjoy our shows. Because when you enter the zone, you will join the discussion Tonite. We also now welcome the staff of ROCK THAT GAME to the SweetEngineSounds studio line up. Join the Z-Master, Chris Z, and his partner in crime, THE WOJ, Trivia AWWEEESOOMMEEE superstar, as they rock the house, with their games on Sunday nights. And remember if you call into their show, you better ROCK THAT GAME.

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Who's got the key to the Big Brother House? I want in...or wait, they don't have Radio Show Host edition BB yet...but will they? Well they do know I have to take classes...so I may be disqualified from BB Before I get in... Anyhow, From The Alan Mitsugi studios, we'll have something you'll really like...who won Survivor and who's going in Survivor: Second Chance. It's Game Show Tonite!
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Hi Y'all Last week's time was aborted because of technical difficulties on the cable company. And there were other technical difficulties that showed up after Charter fixed theirs... So tonight, we boldly go on...with news and information you... more

We're going to look ahead, but not too far ahead, as we highlight what is to come this summer... Plus, we'll continue our look into DWTS, Survivor, Amazing Race, and all the others. Our News has a little more organization tonight, Antonio... more

Tonight, Friends, We dedicate our show to catching up on Survivor and Amazing Race. Dancing With The Stars, and The other shows. And Should JayBee become an ordained minister online? Just like the Right Reverent Drew Carey of... more

The Quiz Show Scandals, how it impacted the industry, and how Game Shows changed afterward. We look back at one of the scandalous moments that almost killed the genre we hold dear today. We'll also have your headlines and peer... more

While going through our stuff over the weekend, Dad found a boxed game called "College Pursuit". Me being the curious one...I decided to take a look inside... There was a reason why I feared the SAT's, ACT's and every kind of test there... more

What do you see Game Shows doing in the next 15 or 20 years? Are they dying? Are they getting stale and old? Who's to blame? Who's going to fix things? Should we care? And Why? Those are the pointed questions crossing all... more

It's true, people, the show's about 2 hours. Last week we debuted the list of Dancing with the stars, but we were left without a couple... We're working our sources to find out what's going on with that. We'll also come up with something... more

He Lived Long and Prospered, and spoke Yiddish. And he passed away two weeks ago... Tonight, we pay tribute and go over the schedule changes to the big three retro networks. Don't Touch That Dial!

New channel, new host, new rules, and we our quest for the Battlestar.

ABC released the news this morning of who is going to be on Dancing With The Stars, and Survivor will soon be on CBS with Amazing Race. We'll cover it and we'll gaze into the Crystal ball as well over whether Millionaire's move to... more