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Game Show Tonite (normally on Tuesdays) is a discussion on current issues of game shows, and competitive reality shows. The Gaming Zone (normally On Thursdays), will be a time to play radio versions of some of your favorite game shows, and new ones that we think up. Hope you will enjoy our shows. Because when you enter the zone, you will join the discussion Tonite. We also now welcome the staff of ROCK THAT GAME to the SweetEngineSounds studio line up. Join the Z-Master, Chris Z, and his partner in crime, THE WOJ, Trivia AWWEEESOOMMEEE superstar, as they rock the house, with their games on Sunday nights. And remember if you call into their show, you better ROCK THAT GAME.

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Now that the runoffs are done and the ballots will be printed for November, Let's play what if... What if we were programming GSN and what if we could program any schedule? Would we use two hours each week to host this show? How would we look on video? What if we could bring back any game show from the vault, or even make a new version with new graphics and same game play? Here's your chance to be the armchair GSN Programming executive. It's Game Show Tonite!
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I am about to give you something...and it's behind one of those doors... Tonight, we'll take a peek behind the curtains and doors, the Zonks, and how the crazy costumes came to be. We'll also look in the realm of reality TV and give you the... more

Game Show Tonite 108--Oh What a Fool we are? Nyuk it up, and prepare for a side stitch, it's time to stroll memory lane... The best April Fool's Specials are on the platter on Game Show Tonite... Wheel and Jeopardy, Late Late Show and... more

Professor Barcus has called Class back into session, and this time, you can ride the Express or hit Bankrupt...or maybe win a trip to the padded room... It's Wheeeeeeeelllllll of Fortune! We'll also have our normal topics tonight, including... more

Welcome to Class! As we start this show, we are going to school on Game Shows this month, and our next course, students, is Jeopardy! Ken Jennings, Arthur Chu, WATSON, and other champions have mastered the Answer and Question... more

Alan used to cover the games like he owned them, and yes he owned them quite well. So, I want to focus on the gameplay of one particular game show. The legendary Dragon will be growling when you select the square. It's Tic-Tac-Toe... more

My Goodness, where to begin...? OH well, we'll explain it tonight. Anyhow, We have some news to catch up on. Including the start of Survivor, the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, and the Battle of the Decades 90's edition on... more

SO far, tonight's been a disaster... Game Show Tonite 104 Take 2

Hi Everyone! It is beginning a half hour later, due to having to rebuild my system on Windows 7 tonight. This started at 5PM, and is still going... Game Show Tonite 104, We will cover the Jeopardy Battle of the Decades, and Antonio will have... more

We're snowed in for the most part, so get your fireplace crackling...sip some hot cocoa, and curl up next to your laptop because we're gonna heat things up. (Have to so things can be kept warm.)

The Game Show Community has many individual philosophies about hosting. Tonight...We will attempt to see how to become a Game Show host. We will go through the roster. Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, Dick Clark, Alan Luden, and the... more