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IyamikokoXSupreme Ancestral Mother

Iyami Akoko-Supreme Ancestral Mother


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Introduction to The Ancestral Mothers and Divine Feminine Energy-DFE. Enlightening women of their role of Motherhood of all that lives! The time is now!!

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Iyami Akoko, the Supreme Ancestral Mother Blog talk show format has changed due to time constraints and requests. It will now air on Sunday nights on TATOF, the Anointed Teachings of Ifa; from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. beginning this... more

Tonight we are teaching on Awon Aje, sometimes referred to as Night Spirits or Spirits of Night. We will be discussing African women of Botswana whose spirits leave their bodies at night to become Awon Ajes. They are said to cut... more

Tonight, we ask the question: Have you found the answer in reference to The Mothers? I say the answer is simple. The Mothers' divine feminine of the goddesses is in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These... more

Tonight, we are talking about the transformation of The Mothers. When necessary, the Divine Mother transforms into Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction, and with her force, consumes and devours everything not pure. In... more

Tonight, we are talking about the love of The Mothers and how it effects and affects each one of us. The love of The Mothers is truly the sunshine that lights up our life and warms the caucuses of our hearts. They are the sunshine that... more

Tonight we are talking about The Sacred Feminine Mysteries, the Introduction i.e. Initiation, which is the Passage to The Great Mother. The Sacred Feminine Mysteries Introduction to The Great Mother is an initiatory rite i.e. pilgrimage of... more

Tonight we are teaching some aspects of Agbo Aje, the medicines of The Mothers. When a person has Ori rere, a 'good' destiny, there are still trappings of this world to be concern with and too avoid in order to achieve success in life,... more

Tonight, we are addressing the struggle of dominance between female and male, which is a primary concern. This is a repetitive subject for most Patrilineal societies; especially, in Yorubaland. The wife of Orunmila i.e. Odu or the Odu... more

This evening we are teaching on The Mothers i.e. Awon Aje; for The Mothers have said that all nations and generations know of them. We will be addressing some of the lands i.e. nations and territories this Massive Energy of Divine... more

Tonight, we are focusing on Aje the persona (spirit) and Aje the ASE. First of all, Aje is born, not made; but if formally introduced i.e. initiated to Awon Aje, The Mothers or Wise Women. Aje is passed down from mother to daughter; and,... more
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