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Urban Therapy with Sun #84 Fighting the Good Fight Guest Co-Host Angel Ayes

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

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Fighting the Good fight is about battling depression. Millions of people are involved with this fight and there many more people that are engaged in this battle without even knowing that they are.

The people that are fully aware that they are battling depression have gotten plenty of time to get used to the rollercoaster of negative emotions that this condition can bring. The days gone by without sleeping. The feeling that happiness is not acheivable but that anger and sadness are never ending. The potential for drug abuse which is either the reason for the depression in the first place or or the by product of trying to combat depression. The missed days from work that may lead to being fired because the motivation to go to work is crushed by depression. The seemingly endless physical ailments that seem to lead to even more physical ailments brought on by depression. The carnage and wake of broken and damaged personal relationships that suffered because depression would not allow any healthy relationships with anyone to exist. Can't forget about the suicidal tendencies and fantasies that may exist because the desire to end the pain just seems so logical.

People who don't know that they are involved in this battle may be experiencing these symptoms and many other symptoms as well but think that just one thing can fix this condition. Maybe some more money. Maybe if your love comes back to you. Maybe if your loved one was still alive. Unfortunately their is no quick fix. The war goes on until many battles are won but the war can be won.

Many things can be used to fight and beat depression.

Diet. Yes what you eat can bring on depression or fight it.

Exercise. Sweating it out helps

Medication. Sometimes it's the 1st option people choose but it doesn't have to be.

Support Groups. Others have suffered and won and so can you.

Therapy. That's why we are here to help.