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Urban Therapy with Sun #72 Checking on Them and Double Checking

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle
Urban Therapy with Sun

Urban Therapy with Sun


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How suspicious are you? How trusting are you? How well do you think you know the people in your life to tell the truth or to lie and do you check their stories to make sure that they are kepping it 100%?

Do you check up on a person when they tell you that they did something or have been somewhere? How deep is it? Does it make you a person with stalking tendencies? Are you just following up? If you find that a person tells stories or half truths or embellishes more than what is necessary does it justify you keeping tabs on them? How far is going too far with this? If you catch a person in a lie do you confront them with your findings or do you just keep a running record of what their behaviors are and just have no trust in them on the low?

How about when checking up and double checking on someone doesn't involve distrust but is more geared towards protecting someone or preserving their lives? Many of us have elderly loved ones that take medications. Is counting pills or other medications to avoid a deficiency or accidental overdose a bad thing? Is bugging them a little and following up to make sure they are doing what they're supposed to do nagging them or breaking a bond?

How many of us know of children that were sent to take a bath but instead of taking the bath, just filled the tub up swished the water around with theeir hand to make the sound of taking a bath? Should a parent take a child's word on anythng during the training years without making sure they did what they were supposed to do?

Let's get into this show. I'll be checking up on you to see if you do. Lol!