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Urban Therapy with Sun #67 Family and Friends

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Urban Therapy with Sun

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There are people who get along famously with their family and consider their siblings or cousins to be the best friends that they have or had growing up. Their are those that really enjoy family gatherings and events and may even go into business with their family members and enjoy making money with them in business feeling like they are the only ones that they can trust.

There are also people that look at their family as a historical, constant source of stress, hurt and/or embarrassment. Many people become estranged from their family because of this and may take steps to avoid them at all costs. Many times it's a pain that they carry through life like an open, gaping wound.

Many times when people have had problems with their family they may look at their friends as their family and may learn to depend on them as if they were their blood relatives. It's understanbable that someone who has been there for you through thick and thin would seem like family to you. Someone does not have to be a relative to treat you very well and be a family member and make you feel at home like family.

Consider some of these questions for this week's show:

Why would a person love and trust only family members?

Why would a person trust friends over family?

Can a person be estranged from their family and not have any emotional pain associated it?

Does depending on on friends mean leaning on friends and does that lead to problems that are unnecessary?

Which is worse, betrayal by friends or betrayal by relatives?

Which is easier or harder to forgive, family or friends?

Does looking at your family as your friends usuall mean that you don't trust your friends or care deeply about your friends?

Are you obligated to frogive your family members for whatever they have done to you?

We'll get into this and a whole lot more.