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The weather outside is frightful , but cold drinks and good friends is so delightful!! Kick off your holidays with a snow day and go play!! With the end of the world just hours away The Stoned Poets Society are broadcasting the final hours of... more

Only when the last river is destroyed , when the last fish is caught and when the final deer is killed will people realize that we cannot eat money!! SPS is back with another Hot Thirsty Thursday episode to quench not only your thirst but your... more

With Santa Claus gearing up to stare at Reindeer Butts all night long The Stoned Poets Society are tangling their Talons into the true meaning of Christmas. Tonight DJ Smellykat will target your spirit with his insightful missiles of... more

It was on this day 31 years ago we were blessed with greatness. The birth of a great man first name greatest- Lastname ever- Robert Leon John Cooper touched the earth and our souls with his presence. In commeration we will celebrate... more

A stache will come and go but.....A great Moustache is forever!! Tonight SPS will introduce to you the contestants for the Great Moustache Challenge!! Enough said!! Welcome to the Show!!

In a world full of dogs it's the large dogs that make gravy while the little dogs....become gravy!! SPS rolls with the big dogs Baaaaby!! We're back with another thirst quenching broadcast to turn water into wine all while keeping it fine... more

With so much hair growing on many upper lips this month SPS is bringing you the grow by grow on facial grooming. With the USAs' presidential race over and done with SPS doesn't want anyone thinking..."I dont wanna spend thursday... more

Halloween has tricked and treated us to some dandy candy , Hurricane is now literally .....gone with the wind , goodbye Sandy!! SPS is back to spike your thirsty thursday with our stiff mix of music , insights and conversation cocktail. Listen in... more

Get your campfire tales ready and dandy , slap on your good ole dominatrix oufits and keep the candy handy, because SPS is back with another thirsty thursday installment!! Halloween is less than a week away and SPS is all hyped and set... more

Happy Birthday to Stoned Poets Society Radio!! The boyz are back to take over the airwaves and you are invited to take part in celebrating the 1st Birthday of SPS. Tonight you will be Enlightened, Engaged by the flowing media Ecstacy of... more