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The Knockout Game Is Spreading! A Part of African American Culture?

  • Broadcast in Culture
Stephanie Wilson

Stephanie Wilson


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My mouth hangs opens as I write this program description after watching the news and clips are people being punched in the head by black teens and knocked out.  It is a "game" that is spreading worldwide.  It some cases in New York the victims have been exclusively Jewish.  

There is no denying that African American culture is pop world culture.  All the influences,  from the music, dance, fashion, and slang eventually, end up in the mainstream worldwide.  For decades the "best" of the culture has defined American culture and ultimately the world's pop culture.  But unfortunately the "worse" of what is viewed to be of that "culture" is also spreading... From sagging pants, and now the "knockout game"?  Like sagging, where people of all ethnic groups, ages, and sexes are have adapted this unusual way of wearing pants, are same going to begin punching heads worldwide?  Culture is active.  It is the expression of a people.  However, should the actions of a few represent a culture?  I think not.  But the problem is that these actions become replicated and copied until it is viewed as part of the culture.  It is time for people, particularly from African American culture, to speak out and put a stop to what can eventually end up defining that culture.