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Stephanie Wilson



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In an effort to fight the ignorance that contributes to racism and bigotry frank discussion sheds light on perceptions, and realities of each other, examine the norms in society which perpetuate bigotry, and try to foster the appreciation of diversity. The show will not only tackle racism but intra-racism. I'll be pulling skeletons out the closet and what's swept under the rug! Look for guests of all ethnicities to tell their story...

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Autism and Aspbergers have made the headlines recently with the disappearance of 14 year old Avonte Oquendo, who left school under the noses of teachers and security over 2 months ago and hasn't been seen since. Since that time an... more

The island of Hispanola is shared by The Domincan Republic and Haiti. For centuries there has been friction between the two countries because of the ironic superiority complex by many Domincans towards Haitians. Ironic, because the... more

My mouth hangs opens as I write this program description after watching the news and clips are people being punched in the head by black teens and knocked out. It is a "game" that is spreading worldwide. It some cases in New York the... more

Not surprising that many prisoners are mentally ill. But what is shocking is that most don't get the help they need and end up on a continuing spiral downward into a life of imprisonment or homelessness. Society is therefore contiually put... more

Racial profiling is much in the news and is as old as this country, as we know it. People are continually discriminated against and made to suffer due to policies, official or unofficial, held by agencies, corporations, banks, etc. Is something... more

We continue this important discussion with returning guest, ex-offender, "Mr. G", about the plight of so many who try to find work and rebuild their lives but who all to often end up returning to a life of crime after being discouraged by the lack... more

Discrimination is a given in our society and the world. Being denied rights because of "race", ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation is a constant reality. The fight is a daily battle for many. However, there are those who face... more

After such a wonderful show on this topic, which originally aired on Labor Day, I've invited Janie Braxton back and another past guest Stephen Wilson Jr., from Arts Ed organization TWW Inc., to talk more about how the Arts have impacted... more

The talented artist Kimicoh, who is a musician, dancer, model, and Ambassador of World Peace Is Possible, will return to update us on the status of his efforts and the efforts of others around the globe to acheive world peace. There has been... more

This show is straight from the heart! As a creative person whose passion is the arts, I find the cutbacks in arts education in recent years have created a void in the production of cultured people in our society. Many years ago, fresh out of... more
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