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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Running Out~       

When I was in collage many years ago my uncle came on campus as an instructor/associate professor, so I just had to take one of his classes, just to be able to say years later that Uncle Paul was my professor. He taught symantics, and I needed an upper level English class, so it was a perfect fit. It was a real eyeopener in two regards; I didn't know that he was a brilliant teacher (to me he was just 'Uncle Paul'), and his class literally set me on the road to my absolute love of the English language, especially word association through alternate definitions, i.e., puns.

The very first homework assignment Uncle Paul gave was to find every common use definition of a word, and he assigned the words to the class. My word was 'run'. Now remember, this is LONG before the internet and Siri. In order to find a definition of a word you had to go to the campus library and actually do RESEARCH. At our next class I thought I had the assignment nailed; I had found 25-30 definition for the word 'run'. And just as with everyone in the class I was soon disabused of that notion. When it was my turn I stated my case, and geve examples, at which point Uncle Paul told the class (and me) that there are over 200 common usages of the word 'run', and that I had not gotten close to that total. I was stunned.

When we 'run out' of something it means that we no longer have it, and need to go get it, so we 'run' to the store, or 'run over' to a friends house, or 'run to town'.

On thing is certain, we will never 'run out' of Truth. Running out of Truth is an oxymoron (an apparent contradiction of terms). To find the Truth takes a lot of dedicated research in multiples of disciplines. To practice the truth we must first KNOW the truth. Then the truth will finally set us free from believing lies.