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Rick Sterling

Spirit of Truth/The Bible on Trial


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Spirit of Truth Ministry offers two programs each week that test the limits of Christian theology and thought. The flagship program is The Bible on Trial which tests Christianity by using the words and teachings of Jesus Christ as our template. Our other program called Spirit of Truth investigates Truth by integrating Scripture, Bible prophecy, history and the sciences to find and define Truth wherever it may be found. Join us for an uninhibited search for the truth.

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"You have to train your brain to understand reality, not your perception of reality." (Joey Demat) I LOVE golf. I don't play anymore due to a vision problem, but in the 'old' days my son Zach and I would go out and play together on a regular basis.... more

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" This sentence has been heard innumerable times in movies, and TV courtroom dramas, and in real life, for as long as any of us remember . It is... more

~In the Line of Duty~ I awakened this morning to a live video on the news that a Pomona California police officer was killed in the line of duty. Police officers from all over California have come together to escort the dead officer from... more

BANNING WORDS! America is going through a tough time right now because there is lots of back lash from many quarters about the need for 'common sense' gun control. Don't worry, this is NOT the subject of this piece. It does, however,... more

"Your future hasn't been written yet, so make it a good one!" Doc Brown, from Back To The Future. The most important element that shrouds the past in mystery, that complicates the present with seemingly impossible decisions, and... more

Spirit of Truth Ministry presents a unique method for discovering and understanding the truth. It is our desire that our listeners and readers know that we are not claiming infallibility in our understanding of the Truth; it is just that... more

The Olympics are all but over, and the essence of the games are sportsmanship and winning. Note: this sentence does not end with the word 'whining'. Placing second instead of first in an Olympic event can be a matter of 0.01 seconds-one... more

"With Malice Toward None." On of the greatest Presidents of the United States was Abraham Lincoln. He lived at a time that 'tried men's souls' in a way that had not ever happened in the History of our nation. The rancor and vitriol... more

Big Screen~ My lovely and gracious wife and I have a few favorite television shows, that we watch together; drama, comedy, British, and American (no specific names). For the past 7 years we have been using a flat screen TV for this... more