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Rick Sterling

Spirit of Truth/The Bible on Trial


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Spirit of Truth Ministry offers two programs each week that test the limits of Christian theology and thought. The flagship program is The Bible on Trial which tests Christianity by using the words and teachings of Jesus Christ as our template. Our other program called Spirit of Truth investigates Truth by integrating Scripture, Bible prophecy, history and the sciences to find and define Truth wherever it may be found. Join us for an uninhibited search for the truth.

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Rick brings a unique perspective on how to study Truth; a different method that uses the words and teachings that Jesus gave His own eyewitness disciples to test the beliefs and practices of Christianity. Join us for an interesting study... more

This show tests the beliefs of Christianity against the words and teachings of Jesus, that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. Believing in Jesus is not enough; you must learn and believe HIS WORDS not the words of apostles or... more

Rick Sterling presents a unique method of testing to find whether the words used by self-proclaimed prophets and apostles actually come from God, by using the instructions found in 1John 4:1-3 to test the spirit behind the words; if those... more

The Bible On Trial was founded on the principle presented in 1John 4:1-3 that we must test the spirit behind the words that are spoken by so called apostles and prophets to see if they match perfectly with what Jesus said to His own... more

Rick Sterling shows that there is a vast difference between what Christians 'believe' to be true, and what is actually true. This is a fascinating study that will challenge the faith of Christians. Join us for a unique hour of discovery.

Are the beliefs and practices of Christianity TRUTH? Is it possible to know the truth? This program compares the teachings of the founder of Christianity against the words and teachings of Jesus Christ, as He gave them to His... more

Rick Sterling brings a unique and challenging perspective on who is the True Jesus of Scripture. This is done by looking at the Jesus that Paul knew and comparing this to the Jesus that His eyewitness disciples knew. There are vast... more

Our goal at Spirit of Truth Ministry is to honor the words and teachings of Jesus that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. Any words by anyone, no matter how revered or respected by the 'church', that disagrees with what Jesus spoke... more

The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterlingl tests the words and teachings of Jesus (as given by His eyewitness disciples) against the teachings of Christianity as given by Paul. We also discuss end time prophecy as it relates to us... more