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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"

This sentence has been heard innumerable times in movies, and TV courtroom dramas, and in real life, for as long as any of us remember . It is interesting that they still use the phrase "so help you God" when the swearing in takes place in the courts in my area of the country. Now admittedly the term 'God' is a title and not a name; after all, God's name is not "God", but the idea is that a witness essentially acknowleges that the truth they will speak before the court comes from God, and is therefore the whole truth. Purgery is swearing to the truth of God, but telling a lie instead.

Yet Christians, and yes those of all other religions, insist that their truth is the truth from God, but purger themselves because they choose to use the words of human beings as being the very words of God. This is done because NO ONE that identifies with a religion understands that religion is, at its core, wholly of human origin, and has little if anything to do with the truth that God sent to earth from heaven through His own Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, many pay lip service to that idea, but then the 'swearing in' takes place, they will swear by the words of Paul, or Aristotle, or Billy Graham, or a living or dead modern prophet, or any other human being that suits their fancy, instead (in the place) of the words of the Son of God Himself.

 The Highest Authority that anyone can swear by needs to be words viewed through the prism of the Son of the Living God, and not just anyone that an individual fancies as 'the truth'. The TRUTH is of a higher authority, because all truth comes from the Throne of God. This is the reason Jesus was born and came into this world, that is, to testify to the truth; everyone that is already OF the truth hears HIS voice.