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How to fix America and where do we start?

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There are plenty of things wrong with America. None of them will get fixed as long we deal with the symptoms and ignore the problem. Do we really know what America’s problems are? Or are we just dealing with their symptoms? Alleviating the symptoms won’t fix the problems. We are the problem. The symptoms are our debt, our government, the rich, the poor, Republicans, Democrats, the politicians, and any other current complaint of why things aren’t the way they should be. If things aren’t the way they should be, it is up to “We the People” to fix the U.S.

To start fixing US, we must learn who we are. America is a country that was created to govern itself, a republic. To govern ourselves, our Founding Fathers wrote a binding legal document, our Constitution, to limit the power of our government. Our Constitution also, just as importantly, limits the power of the men and women we have temporarily chosen to be our government. The idea of being an elected official as someone’s career is an unintended consequence of the War Between the States (but that is the subject for another discussion.) Career politicians are one of the biggest symptoms of our problem. As John Madison said “All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.” The men he worked with were far more trustworthy than those currently in power.

If you are like many Americans, you are deeply concerned about our country’s future. A dysfunctional and destructive political environment, an epidemic of poor corporate stewardship, and a culture of unhealthy lifestyles, both physically and morally, have created a recipe for disaster. The America that thousands of brave men and women died to protect is in jeopardy.

Generations of the past were called upon to fight for our way of life through war and financial sacrifice. Now it is our turn to grab the bull by the horns and fix America. This is our call to duty.