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As an American I am appalled by the depravity of my country. The leap downwards is going fast, and there doesn`t seem to be anyway out.

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What Christmas memories and traditions are we leaving to our children? Will there be a Christmas for them? Every day we see that evil is stripping away at Christmas and Jesus. The schools are afraid to have a Christmas play, or sing songs about Jesus. They can't pray to Jesus or say Merry Christmas. But yet, little children in Muslim countries showed grace under fire professing in their own words ?We Love Jesus? and then were beheaded for refusing to submit to ISIS. Yet the world is afraid to say no to the Muslims and liberals, who hate God... The World won`t stand against this while living in the safety of their own peaceful countries. When will you Stand at the end of the sword...? The blood of these innocent children show us how they Love Jesus. What are we going to say or do? On Sunday Dec 21 at 11:00am PST call-in to this number (347) 826-7353, let you voice be heard for Jesus, send it around the world... say merry Christmas on air in your language or share a short story... We dedicate this show to peace, hope, joy, and love. Help us share Christmas family traditions from the USA, Germany, Canada, South Africa, France, Serbia and everywhere there is love.
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It is not anarchy!!! Self-governance must be restored across America. A government where our American heritage of self-governance is restored. What is Self-Governance? The United States of America was created by self-governing... more

I am a South African born white male and was born in the middle sixties. My family has been in South Africa since the middle 17th century. My forefathers from my dad's side came to South Africa from Germany and later married a girl... more

The sounds of children at play" There are many, many aspects of culture that many of us take for granted so inherent and integral they have become within our various cultures. One of these gems is children! Children, yes children and how... more

Common Core should be renamed the ?Lowest Common Denominator.? He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus ?ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their... more

Tonight is round table discussion, please bring you questions and answers and be a part of the talk. College Professor Makes Students Recite Anti-American ‘Pledge of Allegiance' ?I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag... more

WHEN DO WE SAY NO !!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!! ?Tesh Ndlovu of Midrand: 27 October 2014: "My duty is to eliminate every white person in South Africa" facebook page: "If you look very well in my profile you'll see that I'm... more

I must say the Rainbow Nation was a dream that never came true. By the way what are the colors of the rainbow? Black and brown are missing. Genocide is clearly happening in South Africa and what will the United Nations do? Just look... more

What is a Citizen Review Board? It is to serve as an independent civilian oversight agency to review complaints of misconduct against polices officers and to review internal investigations done by the Police department The Board is... more

The City of Bozeman, Montana in the County of Gallatin: what is so special about it.....There is a lot of University Money here.....That's good right?! Wrong. Corruption abounds from the denial of citizen's participation into matters of... more

My name is Engela Moorcroft Hughes, I was born in Johannesburg South Africa. We grew up in a Christian Afrikaans home, My Ancestors originated from Dutch, England, Ireland and some German. My Great great Grandfather was one of the... more