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As an American I am appalled by the depravity of my country. The leap downwards is going fast, and there doesn`t seem to be anyway out.

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We can all agree that our government is corrupt. But does that mean our Constitutional Republic is? The answer is simple…..It is the agents of the government that make bad laws, judges who violate your protected rights and... more

These two verses establish our authority as men to have separate and equal station among the powers of the earth. It is from Scripture that we get the word ?dominion? which is defined as ?Sovereign or supreme authority; the power of... more

They say by middle age you should have settled down and have gone around the block a few times, repeating the same year every year. For me it has been more a case of getting up on the block and falling off it or finding another one again and... more

Chinese troops are on South African soil, at this very moment, after negotiations that took place just before Christmas between China and the ANC. Now, let's connect the dots. My name is Engela Moorcroft Hughes. From 2009 to 2011, I... more

The Bush family is one of the most powerful dynasties in the world. They are one of the leading families in the earth, heading up and bringing about the New World Order. It can be said that the are leading America into the New world order.... more

Dan Roodt is an Afrikaner author and intellectual who also worked for some time in the financial markets. He was born in the late fifties in Springs, a city just east of Johannesburg where he also went to primary school. He has spent... more

What leader is standing up for Christians? None… What pastor is speaking about the killing, raping, beheading of woman and children? None! Where is the news media when 2,000 Christian are killed? They said black lives matter but if... more

What is the CIA. WHO are they? What is their ultimate function? How are they funded? Who was behind it's creation? WHY are they being used against Americans? The CIA was never chartered for domestic work against US... more

state of jefferson white paper Since 1965, northern California has not had adequate representation in the state legislature. The most expeditious way to restore representation to the counties of northern California is to create a new... more

Life happens and it is not always joyous. There are times when we are challenged so much that our soul hurts. This happens for a number of reasons. There could be an ill parent or spouse, money problems, our own health, child... more