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Black In·ap·pro·pri·ate Behavior Part III

  • Broadcast in Education



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Sahlom everyone. Tonight will be a continuation of last night topics dealing with Black inappropiate behavior in the face of American Tryanny which now has gone global. We here in North America have been very miseducated on true American History and those invaders who came here to rewrite it. We ignorantly are loyal to those who have engaged in astrocius WAR crimes that if truly known about, they rightfully would be put to DEATH, for the wages of SIN is death. Somehow these robberss have found away to escape these just wages. While the rest of us have not. They control all information we receive by controlling all NINE areas of people activity and productivity and now claim all earth inhabitants as spoils of war. They are able to give we a version of HIS STORY that has nothing to do with what has really occurred. Massacres of entire towns and populations of people who where never even allowed to defend themselves. Stories of torture, genocide, infanticide and life long imprisonment of indigenous people not just in the land renamed Africa but everywhere those called Aryans have invaded. These true tales of the horrors of history have been locked away and hidden from the masses. How a planet called Paradise ran red with the blood of it's native Sons. If all roads lead to Rome. Then surely all religions lead there to. WAR, human sacrifice, sorcery, worshop of fals demi gods, genectic grafting and gene manipulation ect... Yes many Nations have confederated to insure the wooly haired melanated Black people of the chosen bloodline never know how we went from being a protected and free priestly people to captives living in a PRISON PLANET of unspeakable horrors with alien MASTERS who literally relish in the drinking of our blood and the eating of our flesh.