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    Prosper Theology: The Gospel of Rich Liars

    in Christianity

    Is name it and claim it sound doctrine? Is it sin to be poor? Does Jesus Christ want you to be materially rich? Does the Bible teach that the greater your faith the more money you have? Turn to the Holy Scriptures with Brother Jim as he exposes this lie being taught globally by rich greedy hucksters. These liars are making merchandise out of the flock daily. Don't let them swindle you out of your money anymore! 

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    Liars And Damn Liars!!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    My grandfather held to the philosophy that politicans fell into two catagories, liars and damn liars! It has become all too obvious to me that my grandfather was right and if we are to survive as a free people we must accept this notion and learn to deal with it. Tonight we are going to call out the liars and expose the truth aboiut the political ruling class which seeks to destroy the conseervative movement, as we are the last line of defense.

    Strap on your chinstraps. because thingscould get a little rough tonight!! 

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    Liars, Cheaters, Idiots - what the F*ck is wrong with them?

    in Blogs

    Iritated with people who have an inability to tell the truth. People who feel the need to cheat. Irritated with people who are just idiots. Call in if you want 

    Guest Call In (347) 843-4325 or just come to my blogtalkradio page and listen in. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everimprovingme


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    in Entertainment

    What do you all think about liars? Frauds? Fronters? Grown people that still act like kids? Join Kandi & Gifted on Da Kandi Shop Radio 2night and let us know your opinion. Or if you have ne1 n particular who relates 2 ne of these, feel free 2 kall n air em out!!

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    Liars, cheats, and perverts in the pulpit-with Susan Puzio

    in Religion

    Today we will be talking about liars, cheats and perverts in the pulpit and why you should run for your life from these people.

    Had enough "church" abuse?? Enjoy your Freedom in Christ and stop trying to be a man-pleaser!

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    in Entertainment

    You want to get "all the poop" on syfy, fantasy, thriller, and horror series & movies currently out there? Well, you've come to the right place! James Iaccino, the soon-to-be regenerated Doctor #14 of Time & Space, discusses all shows that are fantastic, including this past week's ONCE UPON A TIME, THE WALKING DEAD, THE FOLLOWING (2 hr. event), THE BATES MOTEL, THE RETURNED, AGENTS OF SHIELD, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, THE FLASH, iZOMBIE, ARROW, SUPERNATURAL, GRIMM, 12 MONKEYS, & HELIX. So tune in and be amazed by what you hear from Doctor #14! Rest assured, it will be way out- but fantastic and always awesome!

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    Stop the Liars and Heal America

    in Politics

    Politicians are proving themselves liars. Liars steal. Liars cheat. Liars look the other way when it's to their advantage. Lying politicians are hurting the middle class. Lying politicians are  sinking the US economy. Politicians lie for big business. 
    Citizens are tolerating Lying politicians. Liars harm our society. These lying politicians have to be rejected by their constitutients.  Lying is not acceptable behaviour. The time is now to stop the liars and heal America. Liars create chaos resulting in problems.
    If we are to solve our problems, we are to stop the liars. When we deal in truths, we can heal our nation.

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    The Kerri Edelman Shows presents British/American Rock Band Charming Liars

    in Rock Music

    Charming Liars are a British/American rock band, based in Los Angeles, California. Originally founded by lead vocalist, Charlie Cosser, guitarist, Karnig Manoukian, and bassist, Mike Kruger, in London, England. For the Londoners that are now the nucleus of Charming Liars, the move from London to Los Angeles has paid dividends in ways even the most prescient or optimistic person could have imagined. The band landed a recording contract, earned a chance to work alongside two of the most influential producers of the past quarter century – John Fields and Canada’s Bob Rock, and more recently, a slot on the Fourth-Annual Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour, playing alongside some of the biggest alternative rock acts on the planet. In October 2013, Charming Liars released a four- song EP called New Disorder (available now on iTunes), which is a powerful and compelling teaser for the debut Charming Liars full-length album. On an initial 5 day trip to LA, the band played showcase gigs at The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Troubadour and the Whiskey A Go Go, carving a reputation as a band on the ascent in the highly competitive LA music scene.  Producer John Fields, whose credentials include work with The Goo Goo Dolls, The Rembrandts and former Barenaked Ladies frontman Stephen Page saw this raw potential and was the first LA music gurus to encourage the band to at least try their hand at setting up shop in southern California. Bob Rock’s name initially came up in a casual conversation but the band decided to approach the legendary Canadian producer knowing that the worst he could say was no.  Rock said yes and eventually produced the majority of the songs on the Charming Liars forthcoming album. Charming Liars recently released their second E.P entitled ‘We Won’t Give Up’ featuring the first single impacting radio titled “The Desperation.” For more information, visit www.charmingliars.com

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    isis or mices..liars and the un

    in Politics

    The unesco/ un cabal and all is a horrid croc of agenda 21! To destroy thecusa and our allies..constitutionally is bogus..but people do believe in santa clause..look at the damage its caused..seriously we are in trouble.!!

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    Stop the Lies! Stop Liars!!

    in Politics

    Stop the lies. Stop lying. Stop the liars!  Liars lie. Liars steal. Liars cheat. Liars look the other way. The results? Americans are faced with real challenges. We try and solve problems we get lies. Elected officials lie over and over. Several different lies about same situations. GOP take issues and create lies around issues to give notice to fake stuff while they work and create road blocks in the lives of everyday citizens. There  is no way to solve our problems when the people causing the problems made the problems, are in control, and can pass laws to make their illegal actions legal. How are we to solve lies? We can't. We fix a lie by stopping the liar. Even when lies become a "reality" via paid media, the fact remains until we stop the liars, we have no peace, we have no prospetiry.  We have to stop the lies, by stopping the liars. There can no propsperity until liars work to gain jobs for US, or until we get the liars out of the people's house.

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    Liars Lounge, Episode 1

    in Television

    Vinny Ginardi and Mike Caiola discuss the newest season of Pretty Little Liars.

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