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Assad and the Syrian army continue to make gains in the battle against terrorists sponsored by the US, NATO, the Gulf Cooperative Council, Turkey and Israel. The Empire is striking back with whatever it can short of diplomacy. As their hopes to conquer Syria dim due to determined resistance, they are growing more desperate and their crimes more egregious. 

Chemical weapons attacks, terrorist attacks on Kurds, the seige of Alleppo, Israeli aerial assaults, overt American arms funding and a buildup of American troops on the border with Jordan all seem to point to a last ditch effort to salvage the plan to establish a New Mideast under Anglo-American domination. What is the Empire's chance of success?

Syria is the front line against expansion of the global corporate Empire that is seeking to create a permanent fascist New World Order. If they succeed, freedom and democracy will die everywhere and the only means of resistance will be violent. Such a world society would be the end of civilization as we know it. That is why the world must stand with Syria as it defends its sovereignty.

On July 27, our guest was Syrian-American attorney, Ba'ath Party member, PhD candidate in Mideast Studies and blogger Ziad Fadel. He will help us put this bewildering series of actions into context.

Check out Ziad's blog Syrian Perspective here for more information.

Know the truth and the truth will set us free.

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