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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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In Venezuela today, the US State Department and the NGOs it operates are trying to reprise their utterly chaotic intervention in Ukraine. Having failed to learn anything from the embarrassing debacle of the CIA-backed coup against... more
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There are few issues that cannot unite Americans more solidly than opposition to the NDAA, which gives any President the power to declare any American an enemy combatant if they are considered "belligerent," This term is so poorly... more

There is a widespread misconception that all rural Americans are opposed to any efforts to deal with wealth inequality, environmental degradation, excess defense spending and government attempts to deal with any of the injustices resulting... more

While our attention has been diverted by events in Ukraine, the self-appointed Masters of the Universe have been busy planning a step up of their efforts to secure the fall of the Syrian govenment. This is the linchpin of their plan to... more

Corruption in the US government is increasingly being recognized as the central issue among all the battles activists are waging against the corporatocracy. It is time to have a conversation about a strategy to go on the offensive instead of... more

The mountain of lies about Ukraine is growing so fast that it is difficult to dig to the bottom of them, but that is exactly what we do in this discussion with former NSA lingusitics analyst Scott Rickard. If all wars are banksters' wars, so are all the... more

With the US-EU coup in Ukraine, the Empire has emptied its limited bag of tricks for destablizing governments around the globe. Having exhausted its capacity to launch American invasions paid for by US taxpayers and seeing its terrorist... more

Laurie Simons is a Canadian citizen by birth who was shocked at the American healthcare system when she became a US citizen. With her partner Terry Sterrenberg, she produced The Healthcare Movie to highlight the contrasts... more

Pressure from Israel and its Saudi ally to wage war on Syria and to attack Iran are both deeply offensive to many Americans who are beginning to realize why Washington warned us to "avoid foreign entanglements." The interests of other... more

What do events in Ukraine have to do with the struggles of farmers in California and what do their struggles have to do with farmers in India and Latin America? The answer is clear only if you learn to think like the self-styled Masters of the... more