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An international talk show discussing the ways in which the average citizen in all countries can fight to end war worldwide.

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Those who want to discredit the 9/11 Truth movement often claim that any questioning of the government's official conspiracy theory is "disrespectful" of the families of survivors. In this episode of Taking Back American, we put that lie to... more

The largest mass movement in American history after the Populist uprising occurred in the 1960s when people revolted against the materialism, sexism, jingoism, racism and warmongering of the time, demanding that the US live up to... more

On June 8, 1967 the USS liberty was deliberately attacked by Israel. This is a story that has only become widely known in the last few years because of the efforts of anti-Zionists to get out the truth about one of the most shocking costs... more

We are not going to Take Back America until we can unite enough of the left and right in common purpose to work together to force the change. The problem is, the right has been co-opted by corproate interests and the left has not been... more

Against all predictions, the Syrian government and army are standing strong against the terrorist hordes supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, UK, Turkey, Israel and at least by their silence, all the co-conspirators of the imperial... more

It is time to be worried when mainstream commentators like Thom Hartmann and highly respected economists like Ellen Brown tell us that we are on track to experience an economic crisis that will make the Great Depression look like a... more

Until Ferguson, every act of apparent racially motivated violence in the news sparked the same pointless debate about the role of race in the incident. Despite an obvious pattern of police violence against people of color, many... more

Occasional truths interspersed in the propaganda of the corporate media suggest that ISIS is not what it seems. We know that it is a product of the intelligence agencies of the US, Sauds and others who have created a terrorist Army in... more