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Self Is Necessary


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Open up your ability to explore the infinite possibilities in your life talking with Delrae from Life Learning Center of Self.

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As you and your life starts to change You will hear people who you love talking and yet they do not realize that their words reveal they are standing deeply in the ‘less than'. It shows you where the undercurrent lies within their concepts... more

Recently my class and I spent most of our time discussing and learning how to recognize those underlying currents that surface just when you want your creations to come to you and how you will know, by the fact that no matter how... more

The truth is found within the heart, so the advice "follow your heart" may indeed be very apt... but how do we know when we're truly listening to/from our heart and what do we do with the mind's tendency to rationalize everything? Today... more

We know that communication is more than just talking, but what does it really entail? Paying attention to your energy as well as the energies around you might give you a better idea about how to communicate effectively, greatly increasing... more

When you stop blaming and start taking responsibility you can re write the story and when you do you begin to realize you made a choice to support the wrong direction rather than the one that would have made you happy... with this... more

When everything starts changing you may need to change everything. How do you navigate your way through the changes you've ask for? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of chaos only to realize that perhaps the very chaos is... more

Let's talk about Learned Behaviors. These are behaviors that you learned that were meant to serve as a temporary safety net but you lost sight of that. So now we need to talk about how easily you can deflect yourself from finding out the... more

When you are working on having your creations, or those special things that you have always wanted to experience, and you seem to keep missing it by just a smidge do you ask yourself why? I know for a very long time I spent lots and... more

Are you willing to make the changes to the way you think and feel about how you say you want to experience your world? This is what it takes to see, hear, smell, and feel a new way of living. It takes time from you, it takes discipline from... more

We have spent a lot of time on communication and how the most important person to learn to communicate with is yourself. Yes, you need to be brutally honest with yourself, and that does not mean that you should beat yourself up.... more