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On Reporting the Truth

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I'mm not sure half of them count as reporters??

Well,  we kinda came up with a new way of thinking of reporters. I mean the MSM ones suck and cant tell the truth. If you define a reporter as one who gets paid, then the top too on the list are. I'd rather hear from a reporter that gets no payment and does for the sake of telling the truth. Just my opinion. And the other two won't talk about things like Ann will. 

Senseless Jones Sorry, I have to vote for my dear Abby!.............But, you are not so bad at all!!!!...

Senseless Jones I love you, too..You don't think so?.....But, Abby is kickin arse these days....Ya know?....And, she is being non subjective about it.....Which is really opening peoples minds.....She is not perfect, but she is doing a really good job....Ya have to give her credit for that, right?.......

Brooke Bida you cant be objective, when you work for someone else

Senseless Jones She is doing a great job.....And, in a non-subversive manner......Heck, that job she has could have been yours.....and, you know I would send you messages encouraging you for that....Wayyyyyy, before Abby was on RT........In fact, that should have been you!.......

Brooke Bida I never toot my own horn, but I do it for 6 hours a day sensles, and expand the debate into the adoption, CPS area of things, and will mention Zionisim and radio lets you be more real, I mena the callers are. Whatever though