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Previously known as "The Ron Paul Girl Show, then "Libertarian Ann Live". Three years ago, we went by "The Story of a Girl" and as of today (9/14) we are still in the process of trying to define. But will for sure update you when we figure out what this podcast is about. Thanks for hanging in while we wait, it's sure to be a great name someday. For the meantime I have Divine Amnesia.

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The depths of our minds conceal the pain and belief patterns which shape our concepts of reality. This causes us to behave in ways that are not conducive to our health or success, simply because some part of the mind believes that this is the only way to act. Tom Dotz, explains how you can use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock these debilitating perceptions and release them from your psyche in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast March 19, 2014. Tom Dotz is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner who has studied NLP since 1978. In 1990, he founded the NLP Institute of California which soon became the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. In 1998, he acquired NLP Comprehensive where he continues to add new innovations to the structure, trainings, and products the company produces.
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In this book, Stuart Wilde shows you that money is merely a form of energy, and that the difference between having it and not having it is merely a small but subtle shift in consciousness (in fact, one woman claims she won $1.7 million in the... more

Joe Dispenza is an American expert on the role and function of the human brain who gives international seminars about the power of the mind. He shares it began when he was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk again but was... more

An Actual Show, Like The Old Days..... Kinda. At least I'm present during it. If there is an unseen power ruling over our society, it does so only because we allow it to hold sway over the course of our lives. Far too few of us realize that... more

This tape series has been out of stock at Hay House for a long time, it is selling used at Amazon for over $100.000. Don't buy it at this price! - Stuie :) Hay House very kindly agreed to give me back the rights to this tape series so I'll... more

This and dozens more videos on youtube etc. : Please check us out links can be found here. Too many to list! My Little Shop of Love If you are adopted, please remember this... DEar Birth Mom Mug... more

For a woman to show up as a woman. Be YOURself. Let's him be the man he can be. This is another clip from Marianne Wiliamson and I think it applies to our page aswell at for (which is the vision of Lao... more

just wanted to say this tonight. Random. I love you all.. Night! Sangha the MALE dog says hi! But we dont need men going around trying to help raped women those are also caled predators in most cases. lol. But if a woman trusts you just... more

Childhood often establishes how one behaves in a relationship, and because we have all been hurt, by someone in some point in our lives, how can we forgive that and move past it? Williamson urges her readers to leave their past behind... more

When life leaves you high and dry I'll be at your door tonight if you need help, if you need help I'll shut down the city lights, I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe to make you well, to make you well When enemies are at your door I'll carry you... more

Jsut passing along the info. Now this is a little bit different! #Kyron Please support Lee Carroll by checking out his: Website: Facebook:
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