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Previously known as "A Girls Guide To Liberty" then "Ron Paul Girl, then "Libertarian Ann Live". Three years ago, we went by "The Story of a Girl" and as of today (9/14) we are still in the process of trying to define. But will for sure update you when we figure out what this podcast is about. Thanks for hanging in while we wait, it's sure to be a great name someday. For the meantime I have Divine Amnesia.

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At least Enjoy the pictures. This DYNAMIC group is known as "Medicine for the People" is t Nahko Bear, Hope Medford, Max Ribner, Don Corey, Jeanna McAnally, Aliina Champion & Tim Ribner. They obviously kick ass. We each... more

205 visit if you would like to be awesome also a spiritual book called Fuck it : The Ulitimate spiritual way. lol The Federal Reserve bank has the best encryption securuty system. im still here!

For links to entire Project Condign's ANNEX F "Non-Ionising EM Effects On Humans" and entire 460-page Unclassified SECRET UK RESTRICTED documents, plus the in-depth Earthfiles reports with images and audio... more

Stop Hiding Your Imperfections ... Sine cera is valuable in art. It means without wax. Being real, not false, being honest. Truth. No pretense. That is the virtue we need to strive for. However, did you know that there was a term called "waxing"... more

you know I dont do titles well. I'd just call it goood shit to be honest. I ain't getting paid here. Just sharing the love :) Namaste

I go back and forth every single day, the clarity it comes to me in a choppy way, as the feelings and the places and the seasons change, And what is our purpose? Would you believe it, if you knew what you were for and how you became so... more

Love you stuie :) another awesome from the man.

Is your life an authentic expression of who you really are? If you lived truer to your joy and passion, what would you be doing differently? Do you recognize the perfect self you are, no matter what your mind or appearances tell you? If you... more

Alanis Morissette is known by million by the way she so rawly communicates the human experience through her songs. But over the years, she's also been willing to share her spiritual journey with all of us. In this very special episode of A... more
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