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The Diversity and Simplicity of Supernatural Manifestations

  • Broadcast in Christianity
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Sight, continued

...visions, dreams, trances (covers a wide array of ways the Lord communicates to us); unusual, multicolored or flashing lights (the Lord has awakened me several times with flashing blue lights, like a police car, in my room—and no, when I go to look for a police car in the street, there is none); angelic appearances (for me these appear most often when I am very weary and need encouragement); also demonic manifestations (a demon of bronchitis manifested itself as a lizard-like critter while I was trying to work; it disappeared under a door, though there was not enough of a gap between the door and the floor).


Examples of the Lord making Himself perceivable to our ears—Phone ringing (may not sound like your phone, but will be enough to get your attention; may sound like your phone but no one will be there when you pick up, and yes, it could be that someone just hung up—ASK THE LORD!); Knocking or doorbell ringing, but when you answer the door no one is there; Footsteps, but no one there; An annoying sound that I hear a lot is my garage door opening—definitely an attention-getter! Car door slamming. Audible voice calling by name, singing, or even humming. All of these are pretty typical sounds that we probably hear throughout the day. As the Lord sharpens our senses we will be able to distinguish those that are made by Him to get our attention from those that occur circumstantially.


Examples of the Lord making Himself perceivable to our taste—Sweet, bitter, metallic, sour, sudden thirst. Again, these are ways the Lord is trying to get our attention. These sensations may or may not be related to what the Lord wants to say to us. I have on a couple of occasions had a metallic taste in my mouth; when followed up with the Lord I discovered that He wanted me to speed up something I was doing. I’ve also had a bitter taste, which ended up in intercession.