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www.TheReignersClub.org Practical Training for Joint-Heirs with Christ. * To Hear His Voice. * To Rule and To Reign * To Mentor Others. Emphasis is on healing and learning how to know God on His terms. Subscribe to iTunes for podcast delivery.

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Many natural manifestations occur as supernatural events as well. For instance, instead of audibly hearing knocking, you may ?hear internally,? while having a conversation with a friend, or driving, for instance. The Lord trains us during our... more

Most of us have, at one time or another, in one way or another, ?sensed? the Presence of the Lord, heard His voice internally, or recognized His guidance and provision apart from a change in our natural circumstances. Our goal, however,... more

Our goal is to actively participate in the learning process to develop our senses and increase our awareness. Through the practice of waiting on the Lord and cultivating quietness as a lifestyle we make ourselves fully available to be taught... more

Awareness of the supernatural realm is essential in recognizing and responding to the Presence and Communication of God. Most of us have, at one time or another, in one way or another, ?sensed? the Presence of the Lord, heard His... more

You will likely be questioned, if not criticized, by friends and strangers alike, and you may even be tempted to criticize yourself as you pursue becoming familiar with these manifestations. Settle it now that natural manifestations are real,... more

Hearing Phone ringing (may not sound like your phone, but will be enough to get your attention; may sound like your phone but no one will be there when you pick up, and yes, it could be that someone just hung up—ASK THE LORD!);... more

Sight, continued ...visions, dreams, trances (covers a wide array of ways the Lord communicates to us); unusual, multicolored or flashing lights (the Lord has awakened me several times with flashing blue lights, like a police car, in my... more

Hearing Phone ringing; Knocking or doorbell ringing, but when you answer the door no one is there; Footsteps, but no one there; An annoying sound that I hear a lot is my garage door opening—definitely an attention-getter! Car... more

Sight Here are some examples of the Lord making Himself perceivable to our eyes—The Lord Himself appearing (I've not experienced this yet, but am looking forward to it); something ?catching your eye? via peripheral vision (for... more
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