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    Urban Expressions for Jesus

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    Matthew 5:14
    “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden."
    "27 God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us. 28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’[b] As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’[c]"(Acts 17:27-28)
    God's poets are the light of the world utilitng their gifts and talents for Jesus' kingdom!  Glory to God!

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    WKPJB Radio Presents The Warrior's Way: Path of completion

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    The Warrior's Way. It is not understood by many but for the few that know, it is a hard tread road. With the completion of the WKA USA National Championships in New York, The Kai Thai Academy of Wilson, NC Kru Bishop has trained several fighters to represent and they did. We will speak with them again as they give their personal account of how things are in the arena, the chaos, the excitement and victories. If you are not a fighter in a ring, that does not mean you are not a warrior. If you have ever fought for something, anything, you are a warrior! Those who enter any arena of competition with others or with themselves, are warriors. So please join us on WKPJB Radio as we speak to warriors of all types! You do NOT want to miss this show! For a little background, The World Kickboxing Association enjoys great success at all levels on a global scale. It has representatives in more than 90 countries and regularly holds competitions, culminating once a year in the WKA World Championships, which involves all the amateur martial arts disciplines and styles under one set competition format. This year, it was held in New York for the first time and Team KaiThai went in force to represent not only North Carolina but also the martial arts as a whole.  

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    Join us C. Bravo and Mr. Speaker for an exciting evening of ‘SPOKEN INK’ Open mic.
    We invite you to call in and share your work.
    No Theme – No restrictions. 
    New York 7:00 PM EST
    California 4:00 PM PST
    London 5 +
    Rome 6 +
    Melbourne and Sydney 16 +
    Via internet or telephone
    Call in number 1.646.478.5603
     Email: cbravollc@gmail.com

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    SpokenHeard with Cathy Petch and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Cathy Petch is a playwright, spoken word artist, haiku deathmaster and musical saw player for The Silverhearts. Petch's new play "Mel Malarkey" is being produced by Theatre Trent. They have several handsome chapbooks and "Late Night Knife Fights” was published with LyricalMyrical Press. They have been published by Descant, The Toronto Quarterly and Joypuke journals. Petch is a member of The League of Canadian Poets and "The Dildettes" a queer spoken word/comedy troupe along with Regie Cabico and David Bateman. Petch was a member of both the 2011 and 2012 Toronto Poetry Slam Teams, was the coach of the 2015 team and is the creative director of "Hot Damn It's A Queer Slam". Petch is happiest onstage. Find out more at www.cathypetch.com

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    The Lovely Seb Brown

    in Poetry

    Seb Brown opening up about what makes him so lovely, his Different Spaces project (CD and upcoming stage play), upcoming shows and much more...

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    Powers of the Pen: Page 1

    in Poetry

    A show over 5 years in the making...
    Previously known as "Stand As 1" by Drake Eszes and Xpressions Radio by Bad Boy 1 (SoCal) & Bad Boy 2 (Germany), we now join forces with beautiful poetress, Betzy Hughes, from Georgia!
    Our short-term goal, to bring the force of your voice, the force of your pen into the limelight for all to embrace! Our long-term goal, to become a full-on morning show on FM or Satellite radio! Can it happen? Will it happen? It's up to us all.
    The world is insane enough as it is. Lets us push back with our Powers of the Pen!
    Are you ready to dance?

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    Everyone Has A Story Presents: Robert Fitzgerald Burton

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    Born in November of 1988, Robert Fitzgerald Burton was born in a unique era of time when the world was still blooming within changes.  Raised predominantly by his mother, Mavester Jean Burton, he was able to study the logical formation of humanity through the bitter ups and downs of their reality.
    At 7 he began to write poetry, not because it was by choice, but more so due to his articulate disorder which made speech quite difficult for him.
    Throughout the years, he has simply written poems and short stories hoping to connect with humanity somewhat.
    Thus, this is his purpose for writing.
    On Saturday, April 23, he will be in the studio to discuss not only his two poetry books, Tomorrow After Dawn and  No Friends Amy of Evergreen, but everything else in between. A must listen! 

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    Liquid Libations Radio Returns: Valentine's Day Poetry

    in Poetry

    Join your hostess, Andrea Weston, for a special one hour Valentine's Day broadcast of Liquid Libations Radio at 3:00 pm EST.  Poetry about love, love and more love will be highlighted on this episode!  The chatroom and telephone lines will be open for call in guests!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the power of the spoken word.   Guest Call In: (646) 787-8076.

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    15 Minutes of Poetry with Emma Eden Ramos and Marymount Manhattan Review

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    vox poetica's 15 Minutes of Poetry returns to the air with a new episode! Featuring Emma Eden Ramos and the Marymount Manhattan Review, this episode will include original poems and a discussion of craft, particularly as it relates to the arc of a writing career and artistic development. We will touch on inspiration and discipline and we will tackle the question: why poetry? Want to hear more? Tune in at noon, Wednesday, April 29!

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    Conversation and Poetry with Vincent Cervone

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    Welcome to conversation and poetry with Vincent Cervone, who is an English teacher in Western New York. He is the co-founder and editor of the Buffalo-based literary magazine, steel bellow. He is also the co-founder and editor of www.cinemaobserver.com, a website that offers film/TV criticism and recommendations. 

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    ~Re-Verse~ Classic Poetry Open Mic

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    Who is your favorite classic poet, Poe, Wilde, Byron, Browning, Yeats, Keats, Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, perhaps even newer, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, Kay Ryan? Read your favorite classic poet, read poems that inspire you, touch you, have special meaning. COME share in a celebration of our poetic history. You must first know from where you come, before you can know where you are going. Join us tonight for a very special episode of RE-VERSE CLASSIC POETRY OPEN MIC TIME: 5pm west coast / 8pm east coast time CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 327-9213