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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. is home of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show where we focus on inspirational topics in the self-help, spiritual, Children's Corner and Environmental Awareness genres. Join Host, Robert Sharpe 5 days a week, Monday - Friday 4-5pm Eastern. Our show time may vary depending on guest availability. Check out our Calendar for upcoming programming.

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Children's Corner: Teen Wise: Acquire the Power of Self-Definition with Ms. Celeste M. Gonsalves Teen Wise is a book that introduces the concept of using Self-Serving Strategies effectively in the daily lives of preteens and teenagers for the betterment of their future. Each chapter is devoted to its own grade level, beginning with the sixth and ending with the twelfth. Its focus is to help preteens and teenagers develop cognitive reasoning skills by providing real-life dilemmas and scenarios that they may encounter in their everyday lives. Its purpose is to provide solutions before problems develop or occur. Each age appropriate example contains challenging decision-making situations For more information, including Fundraising and Non-Profit Discount Program visit:
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Guided: Her Spirit Guide Angels Were Her Best Friends and Life Coaches with Linda Deir Linda didn't have a friend in the world. Fortunately, she had very good friends who were not in the world – her Spirit Guides. They provided her... more

Intuitive Astrologer Gayle McClellan Powell will join me for this 1 hour show when our focus will be on about the current astrological happenings and how it is manifested in our daily lives. We will also talk about our personal shared... more

Bouncing Back after Dropping the Ball, 18 Lessons on Journey of Forgiveness with Judge Carla L. Garrett Carla L. Garrett is taking her message of forgiveness to greater heightd, in her newest book: BOUNCING BACK after DROPPING... more

The Fun of Staying in Touch: How Our Loved Ones Contact Us and How We Can Contact Them with Roberta Grimes Communicating with the dead is easier now than it ever was, and in fact your beloved may be trying to communicate... more

Mike Bond writes socially-conscious thrillers inspired by his real-life experiences. His Aloha State thriller, SAVING PARADISE (Mandevilla Press) played a role in stopping the Big Wind and the Inter-island Cable Project in Hawaii. This project... more

Children's Corner: Shanti and the Magic Mandala w/ Brazilian author F.T. Camargo Join the frantic chase that begins in Manhattan all the way to Peru for the sacred object that can stop the black magician's final plan. Shanti and the... more

When Did You Die? 8 Steps to Stop Dying every day and Start Waking Up with author Temple Hayes When did you die? When someone told you that you weren't good enough? When you buried who you really are for fear that others... more

The Dream Lived: A Memoir by Susie Sanchez As children, we are taught to dream big. We're encouraged to shoot for the moon and to reach for the stars. Anything is possible. So, why should adulthood be any different? In her memoir,... more

Michelle Ngome is author of Network, Navigate & Nurture: The Equation to Strategic Networking. As a networking and marketing strategist, she has established Line 25 Consulting a digital marketing firm based in Houston,... more
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