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    REMY'S RENDEZVOUS St Valentines Day Massacre with a special Co Host

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    tonight we will celebrate Valentines Day Massacre this is the in love, want to be in love or hate love edition, we want you to come thru and spit your love pieces, your hate pieces, your emotional pieces. Just come thru and spit it how you feel it......Also I have a special Co Host with me this night, cant tell who you just have to wait and see

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    Poetry that touches you

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    What better way to come back than with Poetry? Im going the seductive route. Love is in the air people. I welcome any one to call in and read some of their own work. You are also welcome to

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    The Echoing Voice of Willie Lynch

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    Tonight wee will be discussing the Willie Lynch Effect and its resounding echoes through time, across all levels of socioeconomic strati, and across all races. Call in with your thoughts, poetry, and stories. Urban Geek Radio is a internet radio show which was created and serves the purpose of creating a friendly artistic environment which creates a space for self-enlightenment and self-motivation. At Urban Geek Art Exchange we recognize the truth of life beyond art. However, we strive to mix the cathartic nature of art with our every day lives. This Uneaq innovation allows us to speak when at one point our voices went unheard. We speak through poetry, novels, music, clothing, and so much more. Join the artistic free speech movement today at www.JazziSol.com. We are a community of artists, parents, friends, mentors, teachers, students. A community of people built on a common goal of success and betterment. So what is your boldest stroke? Get in where you fit in and speak on it!

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    Rap or Spit with PBS feat. Sumthyn Like A Poet (SLAP)

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    I am so excited to have this poet on Rap or Spit on the day her CD drops. This poet and the CD is awesome!

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    Poetry by Lenora LOVE

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    Sharing Poetry with Poets and Poetry Lovers!

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    Ray Succre

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    The Author of the collection of poems "Other Cruel Things" by Differentia Press

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    The illusion of inclusion,
    But some Blacks say, “inclusion into what?”
    Black people were here for millions of years,
    Before white people started popping up.....

    The illusion of inclusion,
    Black Kings and Queens were tricked.
    Into thinking that white people were there to help them,
    The devil’s plan was very slick.....

    Create an illusion of the finer things,
    And make it look real fun.
    Get more and more Black people to join in,
    Until good is on the run.....

    Create an illusion of superiority,
    And do it in the name of God.
    But don’t show Blacks the real god you serve,
    Paint a pretty picture to do the job.....

    Create an illusion of confusion,
    To separate Blacks from one another.
    Spread chaos with a holy cross,
    Make Blacks want to kill their brother.....

    Create an illusion with a double-standard,
    And get some Blacks to agree.
    The evil whites did is in the past,
    If you don’t like it, just change history.....

    Create an illusion that the things whites do now,
    Have nothing to do with race.
    From white religion, white entertainment and white integration,
    All are slapping Black people in the face.....

    Create an illusion of Black civil rights,
    But show that though Blacks are the best,
    It’s only under the domination of white masters,
    Then get Black preachers to sale the rest.....

    Create an illusion that Blacks have overcome,
    The inferiorities of the past.
    Make Blacks beg and fight to be taught by whites,
    Then place Blacks in a “white supremacist cast.”.....

    Create an illusion that Blacks are now equal,
    In education, music, politics and law.
    Make Blacks give up being Black and turn away,
    From all of the Black injustices they saw.....

    Create an illusion that a Black is now in charge,
    Of a country run by whites.
    Make him.....

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK.....

    .....“The Illusion Of Inclusion.”..........

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    God made us Black,
    And there’s nothing that we lack.
    He knew what he was doing,
    And he will not take it back.....

    How ungrateful do Blacks sound,
    When they whine with such remorse?
    About being blessed with hair like wool,
    That’s curly and that’s coarse.....

    How ungrateful do Blacks look,
    When they decide it must be changed.
    And they bleach their hair to blonde,
    So that no Black will remain.....

    How ungrateful do Blacks act,
    When they’re trying to be white.
    Not knowing “Black is beautiful”,
    They think that “white is right”.....

    How ungrateful do they make,
    Their children act and lack?
    When they don’t teach them the honor,
    And the pride in being Black.....

    Many people have it wrong,
    With “pride goeth before the fall”.
    When we had pride, we had kingdoms
    When we lost pride, we lost them all.....

    If God did not mean for us, to be Black,
    We wouldn’t have been Black at birth.
    And if Black was not the most beautiful thing,
    God wouldn’t have made it first.....

    The depths of the “fire-ry” center of earth,
    Is as bright as the brightest sun.
    But the heavens, the home where God resides,
    Is a Black and beautiful one.....

    Any time we start to think,
    That being Black is hard.
    We must think of ourselves in a “poker game”,
    And the devil holds our cards.....

    In the “poker game” we lost your souls,
    And now we must win them back.
    By showing the devil how proud we are,
    That God has made us Black.....

    We must reflect our pride in our “Blackness”,
    Our education, clothes and style.
    And reflect on the “slaves” we have become,
    But only for a while.....

    And the next time we think about changing ourselves,
    Into something that is fake.
    We must remember that God made us Black,
    And God don’t make mistakes.....

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK
    .....“Be Proud To Be Black.”..........

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    Tell Me Mom, Why Was I Born?
    How Did I Come To Be?
    Was My Daddy There To Hold Your Hand?
    While You Were Having Me?.....

    Did My Daddy Say The Words?
    “I Love You More Than Life?”
    Were You Just Another Girl?
    Or Were You Daddy’s Wife?.....

    Did He Hold Me In His Arms?
    With Love And Pride And Joy?
    Or Did He Leave Without Even Knowing?
    If You Had A Girl Or Boy?.....

    Does He Even Know My Name?
    Does He Know That I Exist?
    Am I My Daddy’s Heart And Soul?
    Or Just Another Child On His List?.....

    Did You Even Love My Dad?
    And Did He Love You Back?
    Was It That He Had No Means?
    Or Was It A Conscience That He Lacked?.....

    Was Daddy Not The One For You?
    Was It Hard For You To See?
    Did You Think You Were The Only One?
    But Was Number Twenty-Three?.....

    Did My Dad Destroy Your Life?
    Or Did He Just Pave The Way?
    For You To Find Your Future King?
    And Be A Queen Someday?.....

    I Know It’s Hard For You To See,
    That God, He Has A Plan.
    And That A Queen Must Find Her King,
    And Not Just Any Man.....

    So Keep Your Faith In God, Dear Mom,
    And You’ll Live Happily.
    For Now You Know, It Takes A King,
    To Raise A Family.....

    A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK.....
    .....“Dear Mom.”..........