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Unmasking The Face Of Sexual Abuse-Secret Shame

  • Broadcast in Women



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Often times when someone has been sexually abused , they take on a false identity by building upon a foundation of "what" happened to them instead of "who" they really are. Many often to go through life wandering and wondering, who am I  while trying to fill the void of a loss identity. Some resort to trying to please everyone by becoming who others say they are instead of being whom God created them to be. This is a very lonely, confusing time as you search for identity in ways that can me detrimental to you. When you build on a faulty foundation the structure will eventually collapse. So many of us have built a structure of pretense upon a faulty foundation and we're calling it life when's it's merely existing. We've layered  shame, drugs, lies, deceit, promiscuity, sexual dysfunction, homosexuality, depression, fear, doubt, mistrust, rejection, low self esteem, pride, ababndonment issues and so many other things on top of what we've  went through. We can't stay hidden under these covers any longer! We must live! We must peek our heads from those veiled places of our heart and discard the covers that we allowed to trap and snare us!The enemy does not want us to know who we really are! He wants us to be hidden in the residue of "what happened"and never tap into the real of "who we are" in Christ Jesus! Today we must declare, "The Covers Are Coming Off"! We wil not die but we will live and we will be who God has said we are!  Arise from the ashes of molestation, rape and incest! Hold on to God and myself and many others who've been there! We won't let you fall! Regain your stance! Rediscover your voice! Reclaim your identity!