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Perry Steele

Perry Steele


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As of tonight Navaxor is no longer associated with the Perry Steele Show.Last night she emailed me and said she is leaving the show.My reply to her was "bye".As a talkshow host I feel I have been more than nice to many people who call my show.I wanted to get rid of the chatroom but I kept it just to make her happy not me.I have also went so far as to offer certain callers my show for up to two hours on Friday's if they wanted.There they could talk about their views without my interuption.As many of you know,I let people who call my show stay on the air as long as they contribute to the topic.There have been many times I have had callers on my show 30 minutes to an hour or more on the phone after the show is over.Navaxor and I were not a good combination.I am antiwar and she is pro-Obama.I did not vote for the man to make excuses for his lies.And as I have noticed the critizism he has incountered, he really does not need anyone to protect him.Critizism comes with the job of POTUS.Black people who support him,need to get over this mommy protection clause.He's a grown elected offical,and in my oppinion man enough to take the opposing views.We have had 43 presidents and none of them,were without critizism.Even JFK and others.As a antiwar supporter you can not exspect me to support him.Over 5000 troops have died and thousands injured.Plus billions of taxpayers dollars unaccounted for in this war based off lies.We as Black people can never become what we classify as the enemy.We do not believe in invading countries and killing innocent people.The invaders are always the enemy.If this country were to attack any country,it should not take 9 years to prove a point,unless it's to rob American citizens like this war has done.Nor,can I sit back and excuse the actions of my Country.Since Navaxor is no longer here, there will be no chatroom.If you want to call in and talk about what's on your mind,then be my guest.I think I give callers more time to talk than any other show.