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Presence, Reality vs Illusion

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The Voice of Presence

The Voice of Presence


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This program seeks to inform, educate, empower, rattle some cages, and break down strongholds, traditions, and erroneous beliefs, as well as to enlighten mankind to his fullest God given purpose and design.

We are Christians, but we are not held to any legalistic interpretation of that word. We do not yield to what some would call orthodox, fundamental, evangelical, or traditional beliefs.

This program will be about many things, and absolutely seeks to smash sacred cows. We do not believe we are in the Bible's End Times or Last days, and we fully intend to expose an entity that has ripped this story from its historical narrative, intention, meaning, purpose, design, and context; having altered much of the text surrounding these events, and have lead previous generations, and the one we live in today, for their own nefarious, dastardly, evil, maniacal, and selfish ends, in bringing about a 1 World Order, where 95% of all mankind are to be annihilated.

We'll be accused of many things: heresy, blasphemy, antisemitism, racism, fear mongering, promoting doom and gloom, despair, fear, hatred, and many other things, but these are only cast towards us in the act of projecting; a psychological tactic of accusing your opponents, of the very things you are guilty of.

Religionists and Politicians have mastered the art of projecting, and these 2 entities will contain our greatest adversaries in this quest.

We invite you to join us each Saturday morning from 7:00-9:00 AM (Eastern) as we dig deeper into the rabbit hole, to explain to you what's wrong in the world, and what we can all do about it.

Political Zionism is our enemy, and we're going to not only expose it, but snuff it out. Each and every one of you has God's greatest gift within you, and we're going to show you how to tap into its presence, and how to manifest its power!