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The Voice of Presence

T.V.O.P. The Voice of Presence


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The Greatest Story never told, and the Greatest Hoax ever sold. We are not in THE LAST DAYS, and the People, Religion, Country, and End Times story of Israel has been stolen and rewritten so the Elite can bring about their 1 World Government; enslaving the world, and eliminating 95% of us so they can have their global country club. We're are an idea that can't be killed, and a voice that can't be silenced! Join the Revolution!

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This program is about a conversation we need to have, and it's about time this conversation began. Eschatology is the study of the ?Last Days/End Times? and while this word is not in the Bible, its teachings clearly are. From Genesis 1:1 to... more

The Elitist mindset is secured from birth; if not cultivated from among society, and is typically observed as a divine birthright. Those that are in power adopt/adapt an extremely narcissistic arrogance about this birthright. Many are absolutely raised... more

Religion, Politics, Education, the Media, Hollywood, Music, Healthcare, and even Philosophy all work on the premise of Mind Control. These entities exist to mold us into certain beliefs, actions, feelings, and emotions. Call it training,... more

Join us this week as Kenneth and I will be aboard, and will also be welcoming a call from Chris Palios. Chris is really digging into Fulfilled Eschatology, and while he doesn't get too political, he knows a lot of what's going on today in our... more

This program seeks to inform, educate, empower, rattle some cages, and break down strongholds, traditions, and erroneous beliefs, as well as to enlighten mankind to his fullest God given purpose and design.We are Christians, but we... more
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