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    Please join us your host Sean Auten and Impending Revelations Radio very own James and Leading researcher Brandon Council as we discuss what zionism is and the effects it has on our world as well as the spiritual ramifications!!

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    Christian Zionism in Perspective

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    We disucss an interesting topic with our special guest Mark Dankof in regards to Christian Zionism, and how it has held sway over the majority of church attendents in the United States.

    Christian Zionism has become the standard belief of many senior pastors and televangelists, including John Hagee as well as the entire prosperity gospel crowd, which has unfortunately hijacked authentic Prostestant Christianity.

    Is Chrisitan Zionism biblical? Is Christian Zionism, leading many Christians astry and making them beholden to a racist view of Jews as the "chosen people?"

    These questions and many more will be answered in this segment of "America in Focus."

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    Truth Train Show: Zionism Show

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    Tonight on my show The Truth Train....Zionism and what the Bible says about it. Has the church missed the boat? A heated discussion that includes all sides of the debate. Special guests: Sheila Zilinsky , Jeff Seiffert , pastor Steven Anderson, director Jason Paul Charles, Brian Ketterer, and Renegade Smith. 6pm PST call in at (347)855-8301.

    Activist Lisa Brumfiel, AKA Liberty Lisa discusses a wide range of subjects including Jury Nullification, Common Core, Libertarian principles, the Constitution, Natural Healing, GMOs, Fluoride, Forbidden cancer cures, Fracking, wrongful foreclosures, and local politics. Liberty Lisa prefers a one on one format on her show, which is never scripted. Support Lisa in her fight against the Gangsta Bankstas at www.LibertyLisa.com and spread the word about her health coaching at www.LifebringsLife.com

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    Zionism 101

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    This show will cover some of the basics of Zionism.

    Please watch these two videos, preferably before the broadcast tonight.



    I will be taking calls tonight as well.

    I'd like to encourage my brothers and sister to call in the last half of the show, and give my listening audience a brief testimony of your social/racial awakening. 

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    Around the world in the wake of Israel's latest brutal and illegal assault on Gaza, awareness of the pernicius nature of Zionism is building. Conversations have started in the US and Europe that were previously considered unthinkable due to the collective guilt of the world about allowing the conditions that gave rise to the Holocaust. While politicians in the US continue to be effectively captives of AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli lobby, the blatant attempt by Netanyahu to undermine President Obama's foreign policy again by speaking directly to the Israeli loyalists that control Congress have led a few to rebel in a small way.

    A brilliant campaign to target an multibillion dollar Israeli government-controlled shipping company, recent successes in the BDS movement, increasing protests from the US religious community and a general increase in the visibility of American and European oppostion to Israeli belligerence and Zionism itself offers for the first time since the Nakba the prospect that Israel can be compelled to become the democratic state that it purports to be. 

    Former AIPAC member Rich Forer, author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear into Compassion, A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict, joins us to talk about the increasing movmentum of the Palestinian solidarity movement.

    This show will be rebroadcast on February 28 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    The Halli Casser-Jayne Show will tackle the question: Is Anti-Zionism the New Anti-Semitism? when Halli welcomes her esteemed guests: Ruthie Blum, Alan Kaufman, Joshua Muravchik, Thane Rosenbaum and Jonathan Tobin.

    Joining in the conversation is Ruthie Blum, the current affairs columnist for Israel Hayom. Her articles appear in the Jerusalem Post. She is the author of “To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama and the ‘Arab Spring.’”

    Alan Kaufman is an American-Israeli author and the son of a Holocaust survivor. His books include Jew Boy and Drunken Angel. Kaufman was an infantry soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. His op-eds and essays have appeared in The Los Angeles Times among others. He writes a blog on Jewish and Israeli affairs for The Times of Israel.

    Joshua Muravchik is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies. His latest book is Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel. He has contributed to the New York Times and more.

    Thane Rosenbaum is a novelist, essayist, and law professor, the author of the critically acclaimed novels, The Stranger Within Sarah Stein, The Golems of Gotham. His articles, reviews and essays appear frequently in the New York Times. 

    Annika Henroth-Rothstein is a political advisor and writer. A native of Sweden, she writes on the topic of Israeli politics, European Jewry and human rights. 

    Jonathan S. Tobin is the award-winning senior online editor and chief political blogger of Commentary magazine. His work appears regularly in The New York Post and more. He lectures and appears on CNN, Fox News Channel, the BBC, NPR and more.

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    Apartheid/segregation is Zionism!

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    Zionism is racism, is segregation,  is apartheid, is all over the world.

    But, more so in Israel.  Israel is a  brutal society that has no interest other than subjugation of its "lesser than" people. Palestinians, Arabs in general and especially black folks.  Everyday instances of murders, beatings, and arrests of the "lesser thans" don't get broadcast by any media outside the Occupied Territories unless there is a "war" going on like back in 2012-13 when CNN, MSNBC, and ABC were looking at it from the Israeli point of view.  I believe FOX phoned their reports from London, safe place that.  

    The news from OT are from local citizen journalists and photographers that are in the middle of fight for their rights.  The only outlets are you and me and blogs that have the balls to carry the messages against Israel's atrocities.



    Call me  -  702-444-8422  -  Let's talk

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    Evangelical Christian Zionism Busted!

    in Christianity

    Guest speaker will be helping to expose the role of Christian Zionism in the Dominionist movement that will come into power during the great tribulation... Are the evangelicals being primed to worship the beast and take his mark?

    Media Fighter with your host Timothy Campbell live each night 930 PM CST. Listen in or call as we discuss news and current events, unravelling intense disinformation surrounding prophecy, cults, new age religion, the NWO, ancient astronauts, the bible, science and the coming crisis in America...

    Join me as we ready ourselves for Jesus Christ's return and the cataclysmic storm of tribulation that preceeds it when the man of sin begins to wage war against the saints. We'll be discussing these issues in depth and much more as pertains to prohecy in the broadcasts to come...

    The bible teaches that the church will be on earth during the great tribulation. If YOU are alive when that time commences you will have to resist the false worship of the beast, and you will have to deny taking his mark to buy or sell.

    What will life be like during that time, how will we survive, how will God use us? The masses of deceived humanity will be swept up into false worship and will be on the brink of eternal destruction. The gospel of Jesus Christ will save them.

    I will be demonstrating for you the true nature of the end-time conspiracy and how to see through the disinformation... such as the system of tribulation counterfeits that are emerging, alien propaganda, the role of the ascended masters, the project blue beam rapture event, the coming alien Christ, the Luciferian Rebellion and the false antichrist...

    Previous broadcasts are edited down and put on my Youtube channel - you can access this material and other info at:


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    Zionism: The trouble in America and the Middle East.

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    Zionism is the cancer that is killing the democracy, what there is of it.

    Now easing it's way through Congress is a bill designed by AIPAC to turn the Middle East freign policy over to Israel.  In that way they can bomb hell out of Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, again, without anyone's go ahead! 

    To me that is a bill that will set European Union, African Union, and UN against us.  Call Congress and tell them this is a bad idea.  The number for the Capitol Switchboard is:  1-202-224-3121 ask for your State Senators' number and tell them NO in the bill.

    Senators:  Kirk, Menendez, and Schumer are the ones that introduced the bill.  This past election Kirk was given over $945,000, Menendez over $343,000, and Schumer over $243,000.  Tell me our Congress can't be bought or intimidated.  They pledged allegiance to the United States not Israel!

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    How Christian Zionism Plays Into The Hands Of The New World Order

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    Join me and my co-host, Russell Pappalardo Sr. The Mighty Phoenix as we expose Christian Zionism and how they are being misled by the New World Order.  We are also going to be discussing what is ISIS?  Where did they come from and who is funding them?  What is their goal in the Middle East?  Could this be the false flag the Globalists are creating in order to sidetrack us from our collapsing currency?  Join us as we discuss these important topics at 7:00 p.m. central, 8:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night.  Call in with your questions or comments at 646-716-6393.

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    Edomites and khazars Defilement and Zionism

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    Tonight'a teaching is on Edomites and Khazars in connection to defilement and Zionism in the Church. In a 2012 study data was analyzed by Elhaik in reference to that of the Armenians and Georgians history stating that they are Proto Khazars. Elhaik claimed that the DNA of Eastern and Central European Jewish populations indicate that their ancestry is of mosaic, Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries".
    They claim to be descendants of the Khazars originating from the Mountain Jews and Georgian Jews. There is not much evidence to support their claims, although it is possible that some Khazar descendants found their way into these communities.

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